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I get many emails all asking or assuming this or that about our dynamic.  I really wanted to clarify a few things in a blog post.  One of the things people always tend to assume is that I am a full time kitty pet.  This is not true.

Master and me do not have a domestic servitude dynamic but I do many chores, and prepare meals during the week while he is away.  I have a job.  I’m a web cam chat host, but I tend to do this only when Master is working.  We don’t really need the money I make camming, so it tends to go to the savings account while Master gives me an allowance whenever I get paid.  Many slaves/subs do not have jobs, or have jobs at odd hours to their dominant.  I am lucky enough to be able to work from home.  <3

During the week, I do the best I can to make sure Master has a wonderful place to come home to at night.  I work, do chores, prepare meals, and when he comes home I tend to take on the role of “pet”.  Master sits in his special chair, while I sit on a spot on the floor.  When we’re just relaxing, Master tends to spend time on his computer while I tend to use the xbox.  This is always changing and evolving.  Sometimes we play games together, or watch movies, or make cookies, or a number of other relaxing things.

When Master decides it is time for sex he takes my kitty ears off.  He does not like to have sex with me as a cat most of the time.  In fact, I remember one time he was going to piss on me, but I had my cat ears on.  He asked me to take them off because “I don’t want to piss on you when you’re a cat!”  I will admit, I had to laugh, but of course I removed my ears.  When we are having sex, or doing other BDSM play – I do tend to obey him very well.  I’m not really a struggler or bratty.  There are times when Master will ask me to struggle for him to make certain my bonds are tight, and I also have a few fantasies which involve being over-powered or play rape.  But I can just “feel” when Master is trying to get me to struggle because one of those types of play is coming.  Sometimes, I don’t pick up on it and he will growl in my ear and tell me he wants me to fight back or struggle.

Many subs/slaves like to be bratty as a means of getting punished.  I’m not really that type of slave, although I do not think anything badly of people who play that way.  Everyone plays differently.   To me though-  I enjoy pain, I like being gagged, I like being bound, I like being struck, etc, etc.  I find wearing a gag to be soothing for example, so Master will not give me a gag if I act out or am not obedient.  It has always been my desire to please.  To show enthusiasm when I do not have any.  To try beyond my physical capabilities to get a job done.  Our play generally reflects that.  I am not by any means perfect.  I sometimes have a hard time carrying out out certain orders like being still or silent enough when Master is administering pain.  Punishments though are really few and far between.  Actual punishments in our relationship are reserved for actual transgressions.  I truly try my best in my submission and so these are needed rarely.  When they are needed though – they are not by any means fun.

During the weekends, I tend to take on the role of pet again.  I wear my ears, I am always on the floor.  Sometimes Master will take my utensils away and I will have to eat dinner with my mouth only.  Sometimes he makes me use a litterbox.  Every weekend is different.  Of course, when we have sex or BDSM play happens, he usually takes my ears off again.  There have been many times when Master will ask me to carry out duties after he has put me in a pet role.  Perhaps he wants me to do laundry.   Maybe he wants me to wash the sheets or do dishes, or dust, or whatever.  My role can change on a whim depending on what he wants me to do.  I don’t spend the majority of my days being a cat though.

When I am being a “pet” I can always talk.  It borders on little girl types of speaking, but I do talk.  Master and me have noticed that when I am a kitty, I tend to take on third person:

“Master, kitty is hungry!” or

“Kitty wants to know if Master would like her to get his towel for the pool?”

And other types of things are pretty commonly heard when I am a pet.  Not every weekend is spent with me as a kitty.  Sometimes Master keeps me as a slave, has me carry out duties, gives me more to obey.  I am not always a kitty.  Sometimes I am a bunny, or a lemur!  Master’s desires set the mood entirely for the day/evening/weekend.  Sometimes he asks that I not wear my kitty ears.

Despite the cute vids we try to post, Master and me do not usually have “sweet” sex.  I mention this because I get lots of emails mentioning that our dynamic seems so cute, and wondering how to get their dominants to be more on the “pet” side and less on the “BDSM” side of things.  Master likes to beat me with his hands, crop, wooden paddle, leather paddle, etc.  He likes to tie me in in ways in which I cannot move.  We like things really rough.  He will bite me, scratch me, drip wax, skull fuck, etc etc etc.

I think the main point of this post is that, while I do post a lot about how our dynamic is online, and you do get to see quite a bit of kitty play in my youtube videos, everyone who participates in a BDSM lifestyle does so differently.  My youtube videos are not the extent of our play.  There is no right or wrong way.  There is only what works for you or us.

No matter how Master wants to use me today or tomorrow, I am content to serve.


3 thoughts on “Our Dynamic

  1. Thanks for the great post! I am still finding out how enormously varied the BDSM flavors are. Its a smorgasbord of happiness for those so inclined to take a nibble here and there and explore what they really like and what they could completely do without. 😀 No right way to play, no wrong way…just the what feels good way. 😉

    (I still thing you and your Master are very cute together)

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