Feeling Better.. Ish.

Last night was pasta night at our friend S’s house.  She made pasta, and then put some aside for me without putting cheese on it.  I thought it was sweet as hell of her.  She called it “whore pasta”.  Apparently (her story goes) that in the old days, the whores would throw anything they had laying around in the whore houses into the pasta and serve it up to the men.

Last night Master and me met a new person and she asked if we were married.  Not sure how it happened, but she got on the topic of weather or not we were monogamous.  We said we were poly.  She then spent the rest of the night telling each and every person at the party that she “would love to hang out with us, but not have sex with us.”  I kid you not.  It was kind of funny at first, but got annoying really quickly.  A few things on that topic:

A) We never hit on her even mildly.

B) She isn’t even remotely into the same types of sexual play that either me or Master are into, so there is no reason why we would have done A.

C) We do not fuck or play with people that we literally just met and barely know.

D) Did I mention, that we never hit on her or implied that we were remotely interested in playing with her?

E) She was very, very drunk.

I’m really hoping hanging out with her sober will be more fun.  I really hate when people assume that our being poly means we want to fuck them, just as I hate that my being pansexual must mean that I want to fuck every woman or man who is also pansexual.  Come on people, if I am hitting on you – you will know.  I do not skirt around the issues, if I am interested in playing with you – I’ll come out and tell you.  If you decline, I’m not going to go have a sob-attack.  It’s all good.  Assuming I want to fuck you when I don’t though, is one of those very frustrating things.

On the plus side, I got to rifle through S’s shoe closet.  He he.  She needed me to find her a shoe she lost.  There were over 100 pairs of shoes in there.  The smell was AMAZING.  (I have a big foot fetish for those of you who do not know.)  It didn’t smell like leather in there.  It fucking smelled like feet.

Everyone loved my cake.  Seriously.  They were all gobbling it up and telling me that it was amazing.  Poor Master Pravus could only sit by and watch everyone eat the cake.  He loves my cake but being diabetic now he hasn’t allowed himself a morsel of sugary food.  I was very pleased with how well my cake went over though.  Everyone loved it.  <3

I woke up in a bit of a better mood than I was in yesterday.  I’ve switched from being in a depression-y funk over to being a bit antsy and having nervous energy.  I do not think I am going to be able to really relax until after next Friday, but I will take the energy boost for now.


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