Butt Licking

Don’t you just love “firsts?”  Last night I had a first!  It was something I have been wanting to do, but never got a chance to.  Master Pravus and me talk about our fantasies a lot, and we are both open and non-judgemental with each other.  I think it was a few months ago, when someone asked me if I had ever had my butt licked.  I said I hadn’t.  Master Pravus took this to heart, and went to town licking my asshole later that night!  He still does it from time to time, and I enjoy it immensely.

I have been talking about wanting to lick his ass ever since he licked mine.  (One good turn deserves another, don’t you think?)  He is not into receiving any kind of anal stimulation whatsoever, however – so I figured it wouldn’t happen until I found a new partner.  Last night it happened.

He told me to come into the bedroom, and he got onto the bed on all fours and told me to lick his ass.  I looked at him, excitement in my eyes, and asked “Are you sure?”  I guess I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a trick!  He said he was sure.  I knelt down, and I don’t think he was prepared for what was coming next.  I think he thought I wouldn’t really enjoy it, and I’d beg him to let me do something else.  laughs  Oh boy, I went to town on that asshole!  He jumped so far forward about three seconds into the licking!

Ah, it was one of those precious moments.  I’m not sure he liked it.  (I swear, I was gentle).  So, I’ve got no idea if he plans on letting me do it again, but mmmmmm.  My tongue will be waiting for his command.


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