My Teeth Are Better :)

Not 100% better, but my whole morale is much improved.  While I am sure that my dentist gave me Novocaine on purpose this past Friday – I am not entirely sure if he did this maliciously.  We are still incredibly iffy about going back there after Thursday’s follow up – but we also think that I should definitely talk to him about it.  I’m going to mention that because I have problem with tachycardia, I had trusted him never to give me Novocaine which just makes things worse.

I’m going to confront him and ask him directly why he would do such a thing.  I do not know if I could trust him to not do it again after he promised me he wouldn’t do it the first time – but I need to ask.  There’s always a chance that my next dentist could be worse, so if this is a problem that can be fixed with him, I want to fix it.  We both realize that there will probably be no chance to fix this and I’ll have to move on.  After sleeping on it for a few days though, I don’t want to do anything rash until I talk to the dentist on Thursday when he takes my stitches out.

Luckily, I’m not taking any more pain meds.  I woke up this morning in a lot less pain than I have been.  I’ve been able to get a bit of solid food down which is awesome, even though I am still mainly on liquids.  Being able to drink with a straw has made it a lot easier to get enough liquids in so I am not hungry so often.  I do miss my spaghetti and crunchy veggies though.  Master Pravus made me a super kitty meal which is basically a scoop of mashed potatoes in the middle of a soup swamp.  🙂  Mmm.

When it comes to being sick, Master Pravus takes care of me to the extreme.  If the doctor says “Nothing strenuous”  he takes this to mean “Bed rest” and will chain me (quite literally) into bed, letting me out only to pee.  I’ve mentioned to him a few times that I could probably be OK getting up to get my own drink or food/etc, but he always tells me to stay in bed and be good.  I don’t mean to be “bad”.  I just do not like having to be waited on so much.  I do not like feeling like “work”.  I understand that a good Master will take care of his property, but it still gets to me.  He swears with his approach I am back to normal far quicker than if he lets me “take care of myself”.  So I guess it’s all good. 🙂

We’re working on one last thing to add to this website, but keep hitting a couple of tech issues.  Look for it in the next couple of days.

Mew mew mew!

8 thoughts on “My Teeth Are Better :)

  1. LOL I love that when you say things like “chained up” or “under lock and key” you have to let us know if your being literal or not 😉

    *sigh* Not sure I trust your dentist, but its probably a good idea to at least hear him out and see what he has to say. But the minute he talks down to you or tries to brush you off, I say get out of there immediately. Whether he did a good job or not, he still took a risk with your health and didn’t bother to inform you until after the fact. If someone can’t be professional in their vocation, you are better off without them in your life.

    1. 🙂 Lol, thanks. It’s true though, itsn’t it? Sometimes you gotta make sure to clarify!

      Yeah, I honestly don’t know if I will trust him again either – I do want to hear him out though. Everyone deserves that chance.

  2. I don’t like being waited on either. If my Master reads this I bet he’ll take to chaining me to the sofa to get me to stop trying to do things for myself. We have a tiedown so I could reach my computer and tv at the same time. I just see myself as a ‘burden’ who should be taking care of him not being taken care of.

    I have noticed that I do get better from something acute if I rest. So, I do think the theory is sound.

    Hmm, is the followup comment e-mail feature working for anyone? I haven’t checked all the spam folders yet however so my question might be premature.

    1. ::huggles:: Yeah, I see myself as a burden when I am sick too. It is an awful feeling. 🙁 LOL! That would be funny to me if you Master chained you in bed after reading my entry. Master does get some good ideas, doesn’t he? Lol. 🙂

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