I was talking in a previous post about how sometimes it is the little things which make me feel more submissive.  This is one such occurrence which is happening more and more often.

Master Pravus does not like to snuggle when we sleep, not usually.  He is a very warm person, and sweats all the time.  He likes things so cold that he will actually open the window in the winter.  The room has to be freezing just for him to be comfortable.  I’m the type that does like to snuggle though.  I’ve been very good, but lately I’ve been pushing things a bit with the spooning.  In the middle of the night, if I wake up – I’d touch him with my bum or roll in to him a little bit.  He never rolled away or complained.  I figured that perhaps his feelings were changing and he didn’t mind a bit of snuggling.  Perhaps they were because he has been spooning me a lot in the night now. 🙂  I have become a very happy Kitty.

One thing which has really been awesome about the spooning has been directly resulting in midnight erections.  A lot.  >:)  Especially in the middle of the night when I am asleep.  I love waking up with his fingers in my pussy, feeling him mount me.  I love that he just starts touching me.  He doesn’t ask if I am in the mood.  He doesn’t make sure I am turned on.  He just takes me like I’m his little toy.  I love feeling like I am an object.  No.  Not an object  His object.  I’m like his dirty little Fleshlight, or just a soft warm body for his enjoyment.  No matter the time.  No matter if I want it or not.


8 thoughts on “Spooning

  1. Awww 🙂 My ex-girlfriend from England and I had a similar arrangement. Whenever we shared a bed together I would often wake up in the middle of the night with her groping me. Good times 😉

    I love spooning but can’t really do it for long as the arm that isn’t cuddled up falls asleep because of the weight of the girl or myself on it. Totally sucks cause it takes forever to find a new comfortable position 😛

  2. Aww. now I want a bigger bed. 🙂
    Sleepy sex is fun. Odd tho when you go to compliment your partner in the morning and they say “what are you talking about? Oh, that really happened, I didn’t just dream it?” *laughs*

    Maverick, I often want a detachable arm for cuddling purposes. The one that’s down, no matter how, always has issues.

  3. david & i are cuddly sleepers. well we try. it is like one of us will be in cuddle mode and the other won’t. it isn’t that i’m hot when i sleep but the colder a room is , the better i can sleep. i like to burrow in the covers!
    I don’t normally like when david tries to maul me in the night, but it is mostly because I have bad sleep issues, especially with falling asleep!
    I do think i could do good being a submissive. i sit in the floor all the time!!

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