Master’s Health Update. :)

I have some exciting news which I haven’t posted a blog about.  Master’s posted about it on his website.  I am so proud of him though, and today something amazing happened.  First off, let me give you a brief run-down of Master’s health when I met him to now.  When I met him he weighed 322 pounds.  He was only eating take-out food, and maybe once or twice a week he would cook his own meal.  He would easily drink a 2 liter or two of full-sugar soda at least once a day, he even drank like crazy on the weekends.  His blood pressure was ridiculously high, and he got next to no activity. 

None of that bothered me though, because I find large men attractive.  I always have.  I had no idea about his blood pressure though, and he even had some health problems he didn’t know existed until a year later (sleep apnea, etc).  He didn’t like to exercise, he would do yoga occasionally, but that was it.  At the time I met him, his friends were warning him about diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks, and he would brush them all off.  He was constantly saying that they were just trying to scare him, and those things would not happen to him.  He continued to refuse to eat veggies at all, except for the occasional apple or some peas.

As a funny side note, I am not even remotely joking when I say I like large men.  I think being large is INCREDIBLY sexy.  Yes, I needed to write in all caps for that. 😉  In fact, I was trying to make Master gain weight.  I was moderately subtle.  I’d do things like go out while he was sleeping and pack his refridgerator with tater tots, real butter, ice cream, red meat, cheese as far as the eyes can see and more.  You don’t even understand how much I find being large sexy.  *Dramatic pause while my cunt gets wet*.  AHEM!

As time went on, his high blood pressure got out of control bad.  Some days it was so high he was told to go home, lay down, and don’t do anything but rest.  He started having problems where he would wake up in the night vomiting.  We had no idea what that was until he went for a sleep apnea test, and found out that was what was happening.  I started to get scared for Master’s health.  Really scared.  I sat down with him, and voiced my concerns.  He slowly, begrudgingly listened to me and started incorporating more veggies into his diet.  Corn, green beans, wax beans.  He started doing yoga religiously, and once he was getting comfortable with that, we started going for walks together.  Now, he is jogging, he gave up soda, he is eating MANY more veggies (either fresh or frozen, nothing from a can), he swims on a daily basis, and he is down 153 pounds as of today!  At the rate he is going, I’m afraid he will weigh less than me soon!

When he first told his family that he was going to lose weight, his mother said he would never get below 200 pounds.  He broke that barrier, and his new doctor told him he would probably never hit 170 pounds, and now he has broken that.  169 freaking pounds!  I am so proud of him, you have no idea!  A couple months ago, Master was diagnosed as having diabetes, and we were both devastated.  He had lost about 120 pounds by that point, and to lose so much weight and *then* get diagnosed was just so heartbreaking.  Well, a few weeks ago he had his 3 month diabetes check up.  Had the requirements for diabetes not been cycled back a bit, Master would NOT be diabetic!  His doctor is so proud.  She says she believes if he keeps up the hard work he will only be diabetic for a matter of a couple more months.  We are both over the moon.  Not only that, but his blood pressure was so low that the doctor is switching him to a new blood pressure medicine that is easier to taper off when the time comes.  The doctor thinks the time is going to be coming soon!

He has done a complete 360 since I’ve known him, and gone from someone who only wanted to sit around and play video games when he wasn’t fucking to someone who wants to go out and have fun when we aren’t fucking.  Of course, the xbox still gets some love, but usually that is late at night when we’re both bored.  😉

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