Moregasm is a MUSTgasm

Moregasm is a beautiful book written by Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning.  This is a book written by women, for women and is an incredibly important book for beginners to own.  As I was reading through the book, I could not help but awe at the gorgeous pictures which are all in full color:

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The book really in beautiful, and will give you a great place to start on your sexual explorations.  They answer a lot of common questions like: “How do I get my partner to try xyz?”  Or “What toy is good for xyz?”  “Is xyz normal?”  There is a lot of wonderful information on the anatomy as well.  It is very well written, fun to read, and easy to understand.

This book is so very down to earth, and easy to read.  They use colorful language and sexy pictures to help answer all your questions.  There was very little that I didn’t personally already know that this book covers, but I still think it is an absolute wonderful book that was fun to read.  There are many things which I did not know before I started reviewing sex toys, and honestly could have benefitted quite a bit from receiving this book about a year ago.  There are LOTS of people I know that I think are going to be getting this book for Christmas now. 😉  Moregasm covers so many topics, from anal sex to kinks, toys, beginners, how to orgasm, masturbation, strap-ons, dental dams, rimming, oral sex, and on and on.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a very beginners book.  While Moregasm covers an impressive amount of topics, this is just a starting point.  You will probably need to do more research with other books if there is something you are particularly interested in.  This will give you the basic building blocks to get started and feel confident in your body, your desires, and knowing that whoever you are – wherever you come from sex is OK and a part of who you are.  However, if you’re interested in more in-depth how-tos or advanced play or positioning, you’re going to need to keep going.  Think of Moregasm as a buffet of sex topics.  There’s a little bit of everything on the Moregasm plate, but if you want to get more in depth – you’ll need to look for another “main course”.

That being said, I truly think this is a book that everyone needs to have on their shelves.  It is a great handy reference, and most people will not know in-depth details about the variety of topics it covers.  The fact that it is so well written and fun to read means that no matter how much you already know, you’ll just have too much fun reading Moregasm to put it down.

Overall, I am giving Moregasm 5 Frisky Paws:

Thank you so much, Babeland, for offering me the chance to add Moregasm to my Sex Ed bookshelf in exchange for an honest and fair review.  <3

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