Friday Night Awesomesauce.

Yesterday Master was planning on spending time beating my ass over and over with the wooden paddle.  He kept teasing me with the thought all day.  I was looking forward to it, as I always do.  We got a call pretty early in the day from C asking if we wanted to go to a bon fire party.   Sounded like fun to us, and paddling can always be put off till later. 😉  Gotta get to the parties while they are happenin’.   So, around 7PM we headed on over.  C greeted us, and we spent the night being kind of chill and just relaxing and drinking in front of the fire.  There were marshmallows and chocolate  and s’mores.  There were people drinking and it was really just nice to be sitting outside in front of the fire.  It was good company and they were all just really cool people.

Kitty's Got A Gun
Kitty's Got A Gun

At one point, C asked Master to go in the house with him, because he wanted to show him something.  I asked if I could come too, but they ignored me.  I figured it was something they didn’t want me to see, so I just sat out there with the girls.  (I love girls, but I typically hate being left behind while the men go inside.  I seem to have more in common with the men.)  C’s girlfriend mentioned  that she thought they were looking at guns, and that’s when I got really jealous.  I went inside to take a piss at some point a little while later, and C and Master yelled up “Hey!  Who is that?!”  I said it was just me, and they came upstairs.  I asked if they were looking at guns, and they said yes.  I asked why they didn’t invite me, and C said he thought I didn’t like guns.  I told him that I’ve always been pretty neutral in regards to guns.  I’d never held one, never done much research on them, and never had any experiences with them.  So I asked.  “Can we go look at guns?”  Both of the boys eyes lit up with excitement, and they took me downstairs to show me how to hold and shoot a gun.

First of all, let me just say that this gun was HEAVY!  My arms were shaking for the rest of the night, just bringing my drink to my mouth!  Holding that gun felt amazing.  Don’t worry, it was totally empty no ammo in sight. 😉  But I think now that I might understand what makes Master and C so excited about guns.  I want to go shooting with them sometime.  C was telling Master places he could get me a gun of my own!  I want one so bad.  🙂  I can’t wait for the day when I get to shoot a gun myself.  Someday.  Yes.  Someday.  Funny side note:  my arms are still a bit shaky today.  Yes.  Guns are hard to hold.  I think I’ll be needing to increase my free weight regimen.

Oh Deer!

  Here’s a shot of the fire.  It was a LOT bigger earlier on in the night.  We were there and the fire was roaring for less than one hour when the fire department pulled up.  They got out of their truck and told us that we had to make sure the cinder grate was able to fit on top of the fire.  Someone called us in!  >.<  Stupid tattlers.  About ten minutes after the fire department arrived, the police arrived.  It was nuts!  They told us that they were kind of annoyed themselves that they were called out there, and that they didnt think our bon fire which was in the middle of CONCRETE would hurt anyone.  BUT, they also said that since they had to come out that we had to keep the fire contained within the grate, so we did.

Ok, this drink may have been too strong for me..

At one point, someone went into their house to get their big fake deer.  Funnily enough, they put it almost in the middle of the street so that anyone driving by would be cautious enough to slow down.  Most of the drivers thought it was funny as hell, but I guess some must have known it was a fake and didn’t slow down.  At one point, me and two awesome ladies took a picture with the deer.  At this point, I was getting rather tipsy from a delicious rum and vodka drink with dragonfruit in it.  OMG.  SO tasty.  I didn’t even feel the drink sneaking up on me until I got to this state:

No joke.  I was actually sitting on the ground, pretty inebriated.  I am such a light weight.  This was less than one drink!  I had a lot of fun though, and I’m not sure how it happened, but Del Taco came up in conversation.  I said I had never been, and the two girls we were hanging with screamed like I was murdering them.  It was decided.  We went to Del Taco!  *Laughs*  We got to Del Taco, and I had to piss like a racehorse.  I got out of the car, and started walking towards the Del Taco to see if it was open and both girls who came with us yelled out:

“Hey Faete!  If the Del Taco is open, tell us!  We have to peeee!”

Unfortunately it was closed. 🙁  Just the drive through was open, so I walked back.  Now, I will fully admit that I was a bit..  Erm..  Tipsy at this point.  On the way back, my foot caught in a pothole, and I went down.  Master rushed over to see if I was OK and I was all:

“No!  I has a hurt!”  The girls were all laughing at this point, too drunk themselves really.  Master and M helped me get back to the car, and we went home where I iced it and took some ibuprophen.  I do not think the injury is serious.  It was so stupid too..  A pothole?  Master is still trying to decide if it warrants a trip to the urgent care, we’re not sure, but he is keeping me off my feet for now either way.

We had a lot of fun though, and are not going to let that keep us from having a lot of fun in the future.  I think next time I’ll just wear flats.  Heels may have been too crazy. 😉

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