Boot Worship, Foot Worship, On My Knees

A lot of people are grossed out when I mention that I am into feet.  I absolutely adore foot worship, or boot worship.  I enjoy being on my hands and knees lavishing my dominant’s feet, shoes, or boots with kisses, licks, nuzzles and attention in general.  I love showing my submission by kissing the boots or feet of my Master/Mistress/Other. 

Often when I roleplay a kitty, or even as a slave, I am on my knees or with eyes downcast.  I do not generally look my dominant in their eyes unless told to.  I do my best to be a good kitty, and that means obeying and doing what is expected of me.  It is generally expected of me to not touch something unless I am told it is OK to touch.  Feet are different.  I have yet to meet a Top who is not pleased to have me kissing their feet, shoes, or boots.  I am sure they exist, but in my experience, I am always met with praise and love when I greet feet with lips. 

To me, in these circumstances, my kissing of my dominant’s feet has nothing to do with the actual foot itself – but with me worshiping the part which is closest to me.  Being on my knees all the time allows me clear and easy access to feet.  There is also something amazing in giving attention to a part of someone which generally gets a lot less attention than the rest of them.  Feet are often ignored, as is anything not on the top half of your body.  When I learned reflexology, that is one of the major things we talked about.  Many people take great care with their hair, make-up, fingernails, etc.  The bottom half tends to be ignored though.  That is why giving someone reflexology is such a great treat.  You are paying attention to the parts which generally receive little to none.

Kissing Master’s feet is one of those little things that I can do on a whim.  It is my little way to say “Thank you!  I adore you!  You are my sunshine!”  When I open presents, whether they be on a holiday, or for my birthday, or for whatever reason – I say how much I love my present, and then if we are alone, I lavish Master’s feet with kisses and head nuzzles.  It’s something he loves, and something I love doing. 

I used to have a person who would come visit and I would spend lots of time worshiping:  rubbing, kissing, licking, smelling her feet.  She would allow me to do this whenever I wanted, as her being there and being dominant to me was very, very informal.  I adored this.  Foot worship is not the only thing that I would do with her, but when the “grown-ups” were all playing video games, or talking, or whatever it is that adults do 😉 I would often be under the table where no one but her noticed my attention.  It was lovely.

We still have not met many people like that out here, so for the time being I tend to give Master’s feet attention in other ways:  a kiss here or there to say “thank you” for this or that,  I’ll remove his shoes when he gets home, I rub his feet in the bathtub sometimes.  Little things.

12 thoughts on “Boot Worship, Foot Worship, On My Knees

  1. I wouldn’t mind foot worshiping except my Master has a funguss foot problem. Its not highly contagious as no one else have ever got it (he’s had it since very young). But I wouldnt want to kiss/lick them and he doesn’t like me touching them in the summer when it gets worse. However I do like rubbing up against them 🙂 I would love to take his shoes off when he comes home to except he always wears them as he has bad eye sight and doesn’t want to kick his toes or stand on something. But greeting him at the door with a “meow” delights him enough *^^*

  2. So do you enjoy the smell of feet for its own sake (like a favorite smell), or is it more that the smell triggers the association with your enjoyment of foot worship? And yes, I know, I am a big geek for asking a scientific question like this 😉

    1. To me, there’s a difference between foot worship and foot fetish. When I am worshiping a lover’s feet, the turn on is different than when I’m say, sucking toes. I love feet: the smell, taste, feel, etc – but that love is different than worship, if that makes sense.

  3. I’ve wished before that I wasn’t so creeped out by feet, because I find the idea of paying homage to a Dominant in this way appealing, but they always have.. kind of seemed weird to me. I’m wondering if this traces back to when I first started drawing people, because feet and ears have always been tricky 😀

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I absolutely adore my Dom’s feet, I worship them, I kiss them, I lick them, suck his toes, sleep at his feet with his soles on my chest and his toes on my lips.
    I find worshiping his feet the deepest form of worship. I am physically at the lowest point of his body, greeting it with the highest point of my body.
    If he lays on the couch watching TV or reading and resting his feet on my face I am the happiest 🙂
    I could not go more “under” him than that.
    He is worth it.

  5. Well, his feet usually get a lot of attention 🙂
    They almost became a personal thing to me/us. He was not very much into having them worshiped before meeting me. He discovered he liked it so much, now it became a regular thing. I have such a fetish for them, they’re just soft and lovely and cute. Next on the list is giving him a major foot grooming and pedicure. I love that.
    Truth is I have a fetish for him entirely and I could easily spend the next few years doing nothing but worshiping him. Can you tell I am smitten ? Lol

  6. Well, I am allowed to worship anything I want anyway, our D/s relationship is not a usual one, we have our own dynamics and we go into territory that is taboo for most people into bdsm.
    Regardless of that, yes, there is something really special about worshiping his feet. Funny is that he wasn’t into it before meeting me, but now he absolutely loves it. Makes me really happy because I could spend half of my life at his feet, worshiping them. Well… I could spend half of my life worshiping him entirely. He so deserves it !
    Can you tell I am smitten ? lol

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