Kitty Ear Contest

Happy Cat is happy, and thinks these kitty ears will make you happy too. 😉

My Mewtique has been open for just a short amount of time, but I want to celebrate its success with a kitty ear giveaway!  The contest will start today the 25th of August and end on midnight of the 3rd of September.

The winner will win a set of the ears pictured, they are brown and fuzzy on the outside, and black fleece on the inside.  Master loves these ears on me because he says they blend in so well with my hair.  Once again YOUR ears will be freshly made.  These ears are my own.  <3  How to enter?

MANDATORY ENTRY: (You must complete this in order to be entered.  All subsequent entries will be null if you do not do this.  This is the ONLY entry you must do in order to be entered.  The other entries are only bonus entries and by no means do you need to do them to be entered.)  Make a comment on this post telling me why you would like to win these ears.  That’s it!

If you are feeling spry, and want some more ways to enter, you can do any of the following.  You needn’t do them all or any if you don’t want to:

1: Tweet about the contest.  You can do this a maximum of 1X per day.  I do not care what words you use, but please include a link back to the contest itself, @the_sub_mission and the hastag: #Mewtique (1 entry per day)

2: Write a blog post about the contest which includes a link back to this entry.  You may do this one time only.  (10 entries)

3: Leave a reasonable comment (not a one word comment) on any of my other blog entries.  (Unlimited, one point per comment).

4:  Sign my guest book.  Again, one word comments do not count. 😉 (1X only.  5 points)

5:  Follow my Mewtique twitter account.  This will update you whenever I post  new ears to my Mewtique.  Http://  Leave a comment back here letting me know you are now following my Mewtique. (1X only 5 entries)

That’s that!  This contest is open to anyone world wide!

Best of luck to all!  ^^

P.S.  There are a couple people who did not realize you can comment on any of my blog entries.  You can!  🙂  Simply click on the title of the blog post, and you’ll see a place to comment.  <3

21 thoughts on “Kitty Ear Contest

  1. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win these ears!! I am wanting to buy some from you, but I don’t haz the $$$ and david would think i’m silly for wanting to buy them :)I kind of just want to be like look at these cute kitty ears (like surprise him!) Those are TOO CUTE!

  2. Ooo, so pretty! Ok then, I would like to enter! Um, I’m no good at this but I’ll try anyways: I would like to win because I have no cat ears and probably won’t for a year or two, a kitty without cat ears is like… cereal without milk or something :O
    I might tweet it a few time and maybe blog it but not many people would see it, I did follow Mewtique on Twitter though!

    Um, yeah, thats all :3

  3. Ok, I have to enter!!! Seriously what kitty girl wouldn’t enter!!! I would like to win these ears because 1) they will match my hair too (almost my hair changes colour from the sun all time lol) 2) I could wear them with my glasses! 3) there super cute!!! 4) there kitty ears, what kitty girl wouldn’t want another pair? hehe 5) there special because you made them *^^* I would tweet except I don’t use twitter lol but I love your blogs and I’m sure I’ll be commenting on them as always ^-^

  4. I would like to enter. I would like to win these ears because they are super cute and I think they would be a great pair of kitty ears. I did follow Mewtique on twitter.

  5. I would love to get these ears because its very hard to find good quality clip on ears (only have two) plus they would blend in so well.

    on a side note: will there be a possibility of tails in the mewtique?

  6. Hello, I see I was supposed to post here, so here I go. I would very much like the kitty ears, I would like to give them to the person im training. Thank you.

  7. I would love to win these because I’ve never owned a pair of clip in ones (didn’t even know those kind existed till recently. lol). Plus, these look well made and are super, super adorable and they would most likely cause all the men in my life to go wild. xD

  8. I know my Master would find those ears absolutely adorable on me. I think they would help my mindset when we’re spending quality time together. We work different shifts and only get to spend one total day a week together. These ears would make that day even more special. I can just see the look in his eyes when he sees that I have fuzzy ears. *purrs at the thought*

  9. Mew!
    Hey Faete. I would love to win a pair of your kitty ears simply because I love them! Wish I could have a better reason like I need them to save the world… but sadly no. I think they are adorable and love the fact they are hand and custom made! Been looking for the right pair for awhile, but to no avail.

    Love reading your blog and I would love to win those kitty ears!
    I have posted a blog about the competition on my site. Although I am fairly new to blogging 🙂

    Have a splendid day!
    LittleMiss StormCloud.

  10. I would like to win the ears to just try the kitty play aspect of BDSM. It is something I have thought about (Of course after following you for a couple of years at least) for a while. I cannot talk my BF into trying it out, but perhaps if I had a pair of ears it may work… he is a very visual person… 😉 if all else fails nice Halloween costume…

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