Do Not Touch

This morning, I woke up, took my morning piss, and the toilet started making weird noises.  I looked inside it and it didn’t looked clogged.  I decided to go make breakfast and see if it fixed itself.  It didn’t.  I went online to look up solutions.  Nothing I tried worked.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but I panicked a bit initially.  I cannot use this toilet now until it gets fixed.  It could be up to 48 hours before it gets fixed.  A thought crossed my mind.  “What am I going to do for a toilet?”

Well, I could walk down to the pool area and use that one.  That’d work, I suppose.  But wait.  What about using Master Pravus’ bathroom?  Oh no.  Put that thought out of your mind, Kitty.  That’s not OK.  You can’t just go into Master Pravus’ bathroom when he isn’t home and use it however much you’d like.  Silly kitty.

The weird thing is that Master Pravus has never told me that I am not allowed into or to use “his” bathroom.  We don’t really each have separate bathrooms even.  We have two bathrooms, and Master Pravus let me decorate “mine” (the one closest to my “work room” any way I wanted to.  I decked it out with pink and duckies and Hello Kitty.  He decorated his bathroom with plush penguins and LOTR figurines and black carpets.

The truth is, there are certain things which I see as wholly Master Pravus’.  Things which I am not allowed to touch.  Some of the things he has told me specifically are not for me to use.  Just to name a couple: I’m not supposed to use his chair or sit in his lap without being invited.  I can crawl near him and mew pitifully until he lets me (or sends me away), but I’m not supposed to just come over and sit in his lap.  I’m not allowed to use the grill.  Kitties can get hurt around fire, you know.

There are just other things which our dynamic, and not Master Pravus, make me feel uncomfortable using without him permission.  I have started to associate Master Pravus’ bathroom with sex, because I seem to only go into it when we are done having sex, and I jump up on the sink to clean myself up.  (Master Pravus says he’s never had another girlfriend who does this.  He wants to know if anyone else does.)  It is silly to think that I was actually going to limit myself and not allow myself to use “his” bathroom when he has no qualms with me using it at all.  Got to love those things which make you stop and go “Hmmm”.

6 thoughts on “Do Not Touch

  1. I do clean myself up afterwards but I do not jump on the sink if I did Master would um punish me … we only have one bathroom (only a two bedroom unit) however one side of the sink is his which also houses both tooth brushes. However we sleep in sperate bedroom due to mine ummmm *ahm* my ‘night trauma’s?’ lol I kick and punch in my sleep without knowing. When we tried sleeping together he would kick me back but I wouldn’t move lol. I have issues with going into Master’s bedroom coz I associate it as being ‘his’ and I shouldn’t go there unless told … but soon we will be both in my room as we are gettig new smaller beds to put in the same room ^^ so same room just different beds. I probably will associate his new bed as his when he gets it im sure I will not go on it unless told to… I love cuddling up on his bed hehe 🙂

    1. Yeah, the sink thing is probably a “Faete” thing. 😉 That is cute how you associate Master’s bedroom as HIS bedroom and don’t like going in. 🙂 That is exciting how you’ll be sleeping in the same room soon! Hooray! 🙂

  2. I missed your question. I’m spoiled rotten. Master brings me a washcloth after sex so I can get cleaned up. (I’m usually too floppy to walk safely.)

    When I do get myself cleaned up I’ll put a foot on the commode but I won’t jump on the sink. If I had that kind of balance and wasn’t worried about breaking the counter it sure would be nice tho.

    I will try to get up and go pee as soon as I can but thanks to the miracle that is cranberry pills that isn’t as urgent as it used to be. I take two that night and two the next morning. (Or time shift it as appropriate.) That way my bladder doesn’t get stupid.

  3. Again, I’m responding to an old post. (You have a really cool blog, sweetie, I sometimes forget it’s here and then get here and want to read as much as I can.)

    I perch on our Master Bathroom sink, too! Only, I did it so much the entire sink and cabinet started to come away from the wall! (I actually SIT in the sink since he wouldn’t buy me a bidet, even though I asked really nicely, he said, “You don’t need a separate toilet/sink just for your little pussy.” POUT)

    He’s never said anything to me about his Chair, (the kids aren’t supposed to sit in it though. *sigh* He’s an Alpha through and through.) But, I feel guilty when I sit in in, and I only sit in it when he isn’t home. LOL! I’m also not allowed to touch the grill, which is OK with me. Or his tools. Oh, well. He can play Caveman all he likes. I’ll cook inside.

    Hugs and Love,


    1. @P’Gell No worries! 🙂 I like responses to old posts. Sometimes I forget about things I’ve posted about in the past. 🙂

      That is too funny that you perch on the sink too! I thought I was the only one. I definitely jump UP on the sink and squat right over it, but I hope that the sink doesn’t come away from the wall like yours did! Oh well, thank goodness we rent. If it happens – at least I won’t have to pay. lol. 🙂

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