Face Paint For The Kitty-Person

Yesterday Master and me got so much done, but we also had a lot of fun.  The day started off simply enough.  We had a bunch of errands that we normally save to run on the weekends.  One of the things we were planning on picking up was a children’s storage bin “center”.  It has 12 storage bins in it, and we figured this would be a wonderful addition to the bedroom to add our sex toys to.  We got it home, and spent some time organizing it:
Here's the sex toy organizer. From top to bottom, left to right: soft bondage, vaginal sex toys, anal toys, misc drawer, cock toys, massagers, restraints, gags, leashes, rope, impact play toys (floggers, viper's tongue, etc..), manacles and hand cuffs.

We found that we’re probably going to need one more storage “system” with probably three more drawers in it.  But, this is excellent for now.  All the toys are put away, and the bedroom looks tidier now.  It was a bit hard configuring the “tower” because certain toys cannot touch each other or else they can get damaged.  I’m going to sew some bags to put each toy in individually so that it’s easier to put things away.  Just for the record, this is not all of our toys, these are simply all of our bedroom toys.  We keep a lot of other toys in various places around the house.  Bathroom, front room, etc.

After we got all this stuff put together we had a couple more errands to run.  One of the stores we had to go to was near a mall, and the mall was having a 1 year celebration!  It was cool.  They had people up on stilts, free face painting, prizes you could win, etc.  I was nervous, but Master convinced me to get my face painted.

Yup. It was glasses day for me. ^^

Here’s a bunch of random pictures we took too.  We got pictures in front of flowers, fountains, etc. 🙂

"Mew mew! Master, I think there might be a fishie in here!"
"I'm just awesome"
"You're staring at the flowers, and not my tits, right, Master?"
This picture has nothing to do with the mall, but I think Master and Samantha look simply darling in it, don't you? 🙂

All in all, it was definitely a fun day.  Master had me keep the face paint on as long as I could stand it that day (it was itchy!).  I lasted until we got back from the hot tub.

6 thoughts on “Face Paint For The Kitty-Person

  1. aww that pic with your Master and Samantha is absolutely adorable 🙂 storage bins mmm might suggest that one lol we have our toys in one box, mostly bondage stuff (my fave *^^*) the lid on the box won’t close anymore hehe should make one so they go with the costumes hanging in my closet …

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