Gives a Whole New Meaning To The Term “Deflower”

The Blossom Sleeve from Babeland is a men’s masturbation sleeve made from very stretchy TPR with a textured interior.   It is an absolutely gorgeous aqua blue-ish color, you’ve got to see:

Photo Courtesy of Babeland

Both ends are “open”, which means you can enter either.  When I first picked this toy up, I was surprised by the odd feel of it.  It has a sort of “tacky” feel, but when you take your hands away there’s no residue or anything left from the toy on your fingers.  It is a bit hard to describe, but when you put your hands on the toy, you are definitely expecting that when your hands come away they will feel sticky.  They don’t though.  Interesting.  The sleeve has a slight smell to it, which I personally did not find offensive.  It smells kind of like hot glue after it is allowed to air dry.  The smell is not overbearing, and you’d have to put the toy to your face to smell it.  I did not notice a taste.

The toy boasts 8 stroker petals on the “main” end, and several thin “ribs” on the inside.  The toy itself is very short at about 4″ long, but it is VERY stretchy.  This toy will easily stretch to accommodate any man, which is a plus.  Master is very girthy, and I was worried at first that this toy would not fit him, but the stretchiness of it saves the day.

Here is a view of the box it came in.  It is quite the sturdy box!  The toy itself comes wrapped in a plastic bag inside, and whenever we are done using the toy, we just slip it back into the plastic (after it air dries!) and put it into the box.  You could store this however you like.  Washing the toy is easy, use any kind of mild soap and water, or a toy cleaner.  Turn the toy inside out (I told you it was very stretchy!) and clean the inside this way too.  When you’re done, just let the toy air dry.

One thing to be aware of with this toy is that you can never ever use too much lube.  You can also use any type of lubricant you want with this toy, so get your favorite water OR silicone based one out.  The Blossom Sleeve is a bit on the thick side, and Master said that plenty of lube was needed to prevent the material from feeling uncomfortable.  We tried this toy on him several times, with no orgasm resulting, which is a shame.  Here are a couple of things which he did not enjoy so much, but which you may not mind at all:

1- The toy is very short, and since there is a hole on both ends, this means at some point, if you are larger than 4″ (Master is) your penis is going to poke out the hole on the other end while you stroke.  Master didn’t like this feature, but YOU may not have an issue with it.  It is definitely something to be aware of though.

2- The toy is incredibly thick.  This is excellent, because it will be quite durable and likely last a long time, but for us it made it difficult to maneuver on Master’s cock and get enough speed for him to have an orgasm.  Master is a “speed demon” so if you’re the type of guy who enjoys a nice slow masturbation session, this toy would be great for you!

3- When I asked how the stroker petals felt, Master mentioned that unless they were lubed up VERY well they could be downright uncomfortable to him.  They sort of “dragged” on his skin, and didn’t feel all that great.  Adding lube helped, but since the petals are on the outside of the toy, they would dry up often.

All in all, this is a wonderful toy, but after trying it, it seems like it would be more suited to someone with the *opposite* masturbation style of Master.  I’m giving it 3 paws though, because while it wasn’t a fit for us, this toy has a LOT of potential! 

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing us to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review! 🙂

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