“Beadle” Beads

Say “Hello” to Flexi Felix:

Isn’t he cute?  This adorable beetle is made by FunFactory, and Fascinations let me try him out.  This beetle, (wait, beadle? 😉 is made from 100% silicone which makes it easy to clean and use.  He has about 9″ of insertable length, and sports 5 graduated beads.  You can boil, bleach with a 10% solution, use a mild soap and water, a toy cleaner, or even put him in the dishwasher. 

This toy is totally seemless and comfortable to insert.  There’s nothing to snag on your bum and feel unpleasant.  Start off by generously lubing up the beads, and then inserting them one at a time.  Please remember to use water based lubes only, because silicone lubes will destroy your adorable new toy.  I found that the beads went in really well, and with no pain.  Remember to stop if YOU feel pain though, only put the amount of beads in that you feel comfortable with. 🙂

There are so many things to love about Felix.  One of the main things though is that he is so comfortable to wear.  You can walk around the house with him inside, and it never feels uncomfortable.  You’re going to have to do this naked though (or without panties) because Felix’s head will not lie flat.  This means that as long as you don’t sit down, you’re golden. 😉  The head sticks outside of your bum so you can slip your fingers through the eye holes for removal.  Try removing them one at a time right at orgasm!  This feels amazing.  I enjoy sliding the beads in, and leaving them there while I do chores around the house and lay on my stomach and watch tv or play video games.  🙂  The beads also feel great during sex, and you can feel them inside “massaging” you. 

I really highly recommend Flexi Felix to anyone who is an anal toy novice.  He may be a tad on the small side for more advanced anal players, but his adorable face is hard to resist.  5 playful paws for Felix:

Thank you so much, Fascinations, for letting me try out Felix in exchange for an honest and fair review! 🙂

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