Day Zero Project Update

Well, it’s the first of September, and today marks something that was very hard for me to accomplish, and I had to actually move out of state to do it.  Today marks one full year since I’ve shopped at Wal-Mart.

Item#88 on my list is Done.

760 Days Left.

44% Complete.

Wow.  That particular item is something that had been hounding Master Pravus and me for a while.  Neither of us agree with Wal-Mart’s business ethics.  The fact of the matter was though, that before we moved, we simply had to shop there.  We had no choice because we truly could not afford to shop elsewhere.  We were living in a condo complex, and there was always an assessment for this or that.  It was maddening!  Some of the assessments ran over $1,000!  It was crazy.  This is on top of rent/food/etc.  We were in one of those positions that we just plain could not get ahead in.

When Master Pravus got this insane job offer to move out here, yeah we took it!  We are doing so much better money-wise that we can no longer say we “have” to shop at Wal-Mart.  I am so grateful to be able to say that.  Not everyone can.  Sure, plenty of people shop there and have no issue with Wal-Mart..  But we did.  I’m so happy to have this crossed off my list.

1 year without shopping in Wal-Mart and NOT going back! ^^

6 thoughts on “Day Zero Project Update

  1. We pretty much only have two choices; Coles which is litterally three streets away (huge groccery store) or Wollworths one suburb away near where we used to live. We can go to the huge markets on saturday a few suburbs away but I work some Saturdays and Master sometimes work Saturdays so we usually don’t but he is going this weekend with his friend from work. I would love to shop at the markets more coz I hate frozen vegies but the fresh ones in the groccery store cost so much more and don’t taste as good!!! (p.s I really really hate frozen brocoli! but give me the fresh stuff and I’ll eat it all! Master hates the texture of frozen carrots!) There is a huge groccery store battle in Australia going onto doesn’t work out so well for us though!

    1. @Lada Yeah, I totally understand that for some people Wal-Mart is something that they NEED. It just isn’t something that Master and me *need* anymore, so we’re happy to move on. We don’t mean any disrespect to those who genuinely can’t afford to shop other places. We were there once too.

  2. Back home WalMart was pretty much our only choice as well. Since moving we’ve been there once, and that was to get supplies at the time we didn’t know where to get elsewhere. Ever since that first time WalMart is last on our list to go. We are able to make due with the 2 grocery stores across the street. Thankfully one of them is a discount outlet and sells other items as well, along with supporting as much local growers as they can. We are making it a priority to start hitting our local farmers market as well, now that we know when and where it is 🙂

    I really commend you on not going to WalMart! We’ve made one trip to Target as well since moving, but we’re making due without them also! It really disgusts me how dependent we’ve become on WalMart.

    Though as Lada said; sometimes it really is the cheapest option. That’s how it was for us back home. Sure we had grocery stores and Target, but they were noticeably more expensive. Sometimes your choices are taken away from you, which is too bad.

    1. @Jessie Beth I think you hit the nail on the head when you said “Sometimes your choices are taken away from you, which is too bad.” That is how we felt in MA, and I am thankfull we do not feel that way now. It’s one of the main reasons why I would NEVER ever look down on someone for needing to shop at Wal-Mart. It’s just something I personally don’t want to do, and am glad I escaped it for over a year. <3

      And congrats to you guys as well. 🙂 Sounds like you are in a much better place than before you moved, too.

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