This weekend, we are going to NDK.  It is an anime convention not too far from where we live.  Our two year wedding anniversary is coming up on the 15th of September, and I wanted to give Master Pravus something special, something that he’d love, something he’s never gotten to do yet.  Knowing his love for anime, I purchased two three-day passes to the local anime convention for us.

Just to say, anime isn’t really my thing.  I used to love it, but I kind of grew out of it.  I still like a few of my old favorites like Pokemon, and Chobits.  Those are really it for me though.  I’ve always loved mangas though, and still do.  There is something about how most animes are done which is just a turn off for me.  I’m not sure how to describe it.  Every time I try to, I just can’t.

Master Pravus, on the other hand, LOVES anime.  He likes mangas too, but he LOVES anime.  He downloads it all the time and puts it on his phone to watch whenever he gets half a second.  He was positively beaming when I told him I purchased the passes for us.  I got us the tickets about two months ago, and he’s been moderately excited since then.  Now, he is SUPER excited.  As in, gushing about this or that going on, how we need to get to this and that event, etc.  He is starting to rub off on me, and I’m getting excited too! 🙂

I don’t have any interest really in watching anime at the convention, or going to dances or concerts.  (We will, I’m sure, because Master Pravus wants to go!)  I’m looking forward to some of the fun events going on though, like tea ceremonies and cosplay meet ups. 🙂  I’m starting to get really excited, and this morning I was a little disappointed when I realized that it was not Friday yet.   ::grin::

Since we only had two months to get our costumes ready, we’re going to go as “easy” characters.  🙂  I didn’t have time to make my own dress, etc – but we’re going as Chi and Hideki from Chobits.  If you’ve seen Chobits, you’ll know Hideki is a regular average student so Master Pravus’ costume is little more than a green sweatshirt, brown backpack, and blue jeans.  I’m going as Chi, which was a *smidgeon* harder.

Chi in her Brown Dress

Here’s a picture of Chi in her dress. 🙂  I would have loved to make one myself, but like I mentioned, we didn’t have much time for hunting down the right fabrics, etc.  I purchased a Chi dress online, and it took me AGES to track down the perfect shoes.  It should be fun.  I don’t think we’re going to be in costume the entire time, we’ll see though.

Oh, and I know some people take their cosplaying really seriously.  Not us.  Some people will (for example) only talk like that character, have to look exactly like said character, etc..  I’m not really one of those people.  I think dressing up is fun, and I may pull a couple Chi lines, but I’ll still be me, for the most part. 😉  One of my friends made me an Atashi to carry around at the convention.  Oh, and I’m going as a kittygirl, cosplaying as Chi.  So I’ll still be wearing my kitty ears. 😉

Yay!  Just a couple more days.

9 thoughts on “NDK

  1. oh wow that is gonna be so cute!(the dress) you will have to have some pics of you in it and put them up!
    I don’t know a thing in this world about anime or magna! noone i was ever with was into it, but I always think that the pictures are cute 🙂 I hope you have lots of fun!

  2. damn I wish we had a cool convention like that I mean we have them but there like mainly towards selling stuff. They have events but no tea ceramonies or anything like that. We also have gencon but apparently it won’t be on next year (so its rumored) its a gaming convention. Oh yeah its the other way around for us I LOVE anime and manga lol Master likes it but he rarely watches it, he likes; Star blazers, sailormoon :), Lain and anime that is simalar. Me I am all over yoai! lol romances stuff gotta love it! I don’t hide them either (my manga collection lol. Though one of Master’s friends who was staying over here found them on the bookshelf and started reading them haha (he is streight) lol

  3. Awww, I love Chobits (I’ve only watched the anime, but I’m sure the manga is great too). I think you’ll make a great Chii at the convention though 🙂 . As bad as it may sound, I actually thought about getting a tattoo of Atashi somewhere on me, haven’t decided completely on that though.

    @ Master Pravus: Thank you for the links 🙂 I had looked everywhere it seems for a place to watch Chobits and other anime, but couldn’t find good sites.

    I’m sure both of you will have a great time at NDK 🙂

    Persephone Nightmare

    P.S: And thanks for welcoming and following me at Eden Fantasys 🙂 I just joined last night and I’m still trying to get the gist of things there, but I really do appreciate it 🙂

    1. @Persephone Nightmare

      Oh very cool! 🙂 I’ve only seen the entire Chobits series as an anime. I’m still collecting the graphic novels (I need like, three more). We need a few more of the DVDs too. I just love that series. 🙂 Master makes me feel like his Chii sometimes. He he. <3

      You're welcome for the welcome to EF! I hope you like it there. ^^

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