NDK 2010

This past weekend was NDK, and we had so much fun!  ^^  We woke up very early on Friday morning, and, thinking that no one would be in costume at 10AM (since the con didn’t actually start until 6PM) we headed down in “normal” clothes.  We got almost to the hotel when I saw everyone in costumes, and we freaked out and went home to change.  LOL!  Silly kitty.  It is worth mentioning that the hotel was about a ten minute drive away, which was lucky considering we did not have a hotel room.  Our first costumes were Chi and Hideki from Chobits.

Chii and Atashi <3
Hideki! 😀

Poor Master!  I got my picture taken loads of times, but I don’t think anyone recognised him as Hideki, which is why no one asked to take his. 🙁  He was feeling kind of down about that, so his costume for next year is going to be insane.  🙂  It is probably going to take all year to make.  More on that later. 😉

When we showed up we got our badges, and started wandering around.  Someone waiting in line for the dealer’s room yelled out to Master Pravus “Hey! Your persocom is cute!”  And he yelled back “Thanks, I found her.”  😉  It was super cute.  To be honest though, most of the convention I couldn’t hear anything unless you stopped walking, looked me right in the eyes and talked loudly.  Those Chobits ears make it hard to hear! 🙂  I got lots of compliments on them though.  I think I’m going to make my own for next year though, because these are already falling apart.  I had to go home and sew them on tighter at one point.  Sheesh.  If they can’t last one full day of wear, maybe you shouldn’t sell them.  >.< 

Anyway, the first day the only panel we went to was Gender Identity and Sexuality in Japan.  It was interesting.  I can’t say there was a lot that I didn’t know, but it was interesting nonetheless. 🙂  Master Pravus enjoyed it too. I think he learned a lot.  It was very late at night though, and two hours long, so I was starting to get sleepy.  After that panel, we went home to sleep.  We woke up the next morning, and I got up SUPER early so we could get there before the panels started.

Saturday we went to the screening of Paprika (a movie), which was torture for me, because I prefer reading manga, and generally find anime to be tedious.  Master Pravus enjoyed it though, so it was worth it. ^^  The rest of Saturday we spent wandering the halls and taking pictures of people in their costumes.  If you want to see the pictures we took, you can check out www.redvinylkitty.tumblr.com.  Be warned though: most of the pictures are of other cosplayers, and we have nearly 200 pictures up!  It’ll take a long time if you’re trying to see all the pictures.

Sunday we woke up super early again, and I dressed as Alice.  I loved my Chi dress, but it was very hot to wear all weekend.

Alice Dress, and Apple “Neko” 🙂

The Alice dress was just light cotton, so it was nice and cool for wandering around the hot hotel in.  <3  Applepig wanted to come to the convention too, but I told him he could only come if he got in the spirit – so he borrowed Biggle Piggle’s neko hat. 🙂

Sunday we went to the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  It was really pretty and nice.  We all got to have some tea too, which I didn’t expect.  There might have been fifty people in the room waiting for tea.  I’d love to post pics here, but I don’t think that is OK since this is technically an adult website – so check out my tumblr for those pics if you want. 🙂  I’ll be posting future convention pics there too, FYI. 

All in all we had a blast.  When I was dressed I had tons of people wanting to hug me since I was Chi, and take my picture. 🙂  I won’t lie, I love that kind of attention.  Poor Master. 🙁  He was all jealous.  He had lots of fun though, especially taking pictures of everything he saw!  LOL!  There was one guy walking around taking pictures of people with his plush squid.  🙂  Nice.  We’re already working out who we’re going to be next year.  I have wanted to be Polka from Eternal Sonata for a bit now, so that’s my plan.  Master Pravus wanted to match me and go as a couple, so he chose Frederick.  He could not have chosen a more complex character!

  It’ll be hard for sure, but it should be fun too.  I predict it’ll take us all year to find the right materials and put the costume together.  Polka (for those of you unfamiliar with the game) is not so simple herself:

Polka! 😀

I look forward to making the costumes though, it’ll be fun.  Master Pravus is already purchasing tickets today for next year.  (They are WAY cheaper if you buy them now..).  We’re hoping to get a hotel and a space in the artist’s alley next year to sell my kitty ears during the day!  We’ll see though.  They choose you based on a lottery system, it isn’t first come first serve.  All in all it was a wonderful time, and we look forward to next year.

The convention was supposed to be an anniversary present to ourselves, since it was right before our 2 year wedding anniversary.  Last night we went out for some pizza though (at the best pizza place EVER!) as a bit of a celebration, and of course we had lots of hot sex. 🙂  I guess we didn’t do anything really “special” on the day itself, but that is fine with us.  <3  The weekend was awesome, and I cannot wait until next year!

7 thoughts on “NDK 2010

  1. Sounds like an amazing time. Afraid to say I didn’t recognize your Master’s cosplay either 🙁 Oh well, next year I’m sure he’ll be asked to have his picture taken as much as you 🙂

    1. @LostMaverick 🙂 Yeah, it’s hard because the character he was portraying wears a green sweatshirt, blue jeans, and sneakers all the time – so, it’s not like he looked very crazy. Oh well. It was still fun, and I think he enjoyed taking pictures of all the pretty girls. <3

  2. Aww happy anniversary! We have our 1 year engagment anniversary comming up in November lol and our 1st year marraige anniversary in May 🙂 Don’t know if we will do anything though we barely celebrate birthdays and xmas as it is lol and we can’t remember the day we meet (we know the month though thanks to the fact that he left for Sweden for work commitments 2 weeks after he took me out) lol But hey I did get a birthday call from the Great Wall of China 🙂 happy anniversary again and you both look super cute! I love the happy look on your Master’s face in that one pic 🙂

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