De-lust-ful Nipple Clamps

As I continue my mission to find the perfect nipple clamp, I stumbled upon these Delightful Clamps  from Babeland.  They are really wonderful for many types of people, from the very beginner up to your heavy masochist!  How is that even possible?  I’ll explain in a bit.  Hang in there.

Delightful Clamps Photo Courtesy of Babeland


Here’s a view of them.  They are made from metal with rubber nibs where it pinches you.  I’ll be honest and admit that when I got these out of their clamshell case, I had no idea what those little screws you see in the picture were for.  None.  I have usually only seen nipple clamps in which the screw only makes the clamp tighter.  The purpose of the screw on this clamp is to make them looser.  I looked right at him and giggled a bit saying “Why would you want to do that?”  Oh, what a silly kitty I can be.

The first time I tried these on just for fun I did not adjust them at all, and I could only keep them on my nipples for a couple of seconds!  They are that intense.  On a scale, these truly have the ability to go from a 1 in intensity to a 10.  The more you turn the screw, the less intense the sensation, so you can use these to your heart’s content at any level.  I’ve been seriously looking for a clamp which would meet my masochistic needs, and these are it!  Not only do they have an intense bite, but I can work up to more intensity if I want.  These would make excellent trainer clamps!

Please remember to keep an eye on the nipples, and if they start turning purple or are causing tingling, numbness, or you’re in severe pain to remove them.

As far as cleaning these goes, I would use no more than a damp paper towel and some mild soap if you had to clean them.  I do not think they will get very dirty with normal wear though.  All in all, these are wonderful clamps, and I highly recommend them to everyone who enjoys nipple stimulation.  5 paws.

Thank you, Babeland, for allowing me the chance to try out these clamps in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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