The Kitty Cave

Yesterday I was having some web cam issues, so I spent the vast majority of the day organizing and cleaning the apartment.  Last Sunday Master Pravus and me went on a re-organizing spree which involved moving furniture around, etc.  When I went into my work room I noticed it now feels a lot more cave-like, especially with the furniture being moved.  You’ve heard of “Man Caves” before, right?  Basically, a man cave is equipped for long stays and is usually technologically advanced.  For example:  If Master Pravus had a man cave, it would include his Xbox 360, computer, refrigerator, epic sound system, TV, etc etc.  Well, the thought occurred to me that my “work room” was equipped for long stays and I do pretty much spend most of the day in there during the week.

I giggled to myself, and decided to call it a “Kitty Cave”. 🙂  I drew up this little sign, and really, if I had a mini fridge (with freezer) and a microwave, I don’t think I’d ever WANT to leave.  Right now it is stocked with: my computer (which also has a web cam), TONS of books <3, an xbox 360, a big TV (I don’t know the dimensions, but it is taller than my futon!), my futon, and the entire other half of the room is set up for sewing.  Basically, I wake up in the morning, and if I have Mewtique orders, I’m in my Kitty Cave, and if I do not, I’m on web cam in my Kitty Cave.  Ha ha.

The cats are not allowed in there at all, which is why Kitty Cave is such a funny name, I suppose.  Master Pravus is (of course) allowed in all he likes.   We even put up a backdrop last night, so hopefully my shows won’t have that boring as hell white background anymore. 🙂  Here’s hoping my web cam works today.  There’s nothing QUITE like breaking in a new piece of equipment, is there?

6 thoughts on “The Kitty Cave

  1. aww how cute! I used to burrow up in my closet when i was younger, especially like in the fall time! it was so technological, I just had a snuggley comforter a digital clock some books,etc that was always fun!

  2. aww so cute! I still have the main bedroom (till Master’s bed he wants goes on sale) lol but I only sleep in there. However I do have a corner with my uni stuff, computer stuff and all of my Asian pop cd’s 🙂 hehe I take up a little corner in our dinning room ^^ (my comp has its own desk not the dinning room table haha)

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