Teneo Uno For The WIN!

About a year or two ago, I decided I wanted to try out a menstrual cup.  Wait.  A menstrual cup?  In a review of a toy meant to exercise your kegels?  Bear with me!  This is going somewhere. 😉  I went out and bought a Diva cup, and tried to insert it.  Oh how I tried!  I went online, I did everything it said, but no matter what I did I always felt like it poked out a little bit, which hurt a LOT.  There was no way I could use it, and I was so sad.  After much more research, I found out that reusable menstrual cups are not really very good for people who have a tilted uterus, for the reason I described above.  At least it made some sense.  I was bummed, but with an explanation of my problem, I decided to just move on.

A while later, I started getting interested in kegel training toys.  I’d seen toys like the Smartballs Teneo Duo  and heard just so many good things about them.  I liked the idea of being forced to hold something like that in my vagina for periods of time.  It sounded like a fun and sexy challenge, plus – I heard they felt amazing.  Unfortunately, a few of my friends tried it and said they had the same problem I did with my menstrual cup: the balls would actually poke partially out of their vagina, which makes them uncomfortable to wear.  I’m not sure about my friends, but I’ve heard that this is generally due to a tilted or a low-hanging uterus.  Since I have a tilted uterus, I put the idea of trying these out of my mind.  A few weeks ago I ran across the Smartball Teneo.. UNO!  I could not help being curious.   I had heard that the tilt of your uterus does not matter with these, so you bet I wanted to test them out!

Photo Courtesy of Fascinations


These arrived in the typical Fun Factory packaging, which has a window in the front so you can see your toy, so the packaging is not discreet.  Once you get it open, you’ll notice that it comes with a free sample of Toy Fluid lube, like all Fun Factory toys.  And then you’ll see your beautiful new Teneo Uno.  It really is lovely!  I am so sorry that my picture doesn’t show off the brilliant color of the toy as well as it should.   They are phthalates free, and made from silicone and hard plastic, which means that if you want your toy to stay in tip top shape (and you WILL, because you will fall in love, and want these to last forever) make sure to use only water-based lubricants with it.

The ball has a circumference of 4.75″, so it is not tiny – but it isn’t too big to take.  There is a 3″ long loop attached to the toy to help with removal.  When I shook the Teneo Uno, I found something I did not expect to find…  There is a marble inside the ball!  This helps with making the ball itself heavier, so that your muscles have to work a bit harder to hold it in.  It is definitely not TOO heavy, but when you insert it into your vagina, you’ll definitely feel a small “pull”.

The first time I used these was when I met Master by the mail box.  I always meet him there when he comes home from work.  I lubed the ball up very well, and slowly inserted it.  It was not very difficult to insert, but I definitely noticed when I went past the widest part in the ball.  I pulled slightly on the cord and noticed that it was definitely in there, and that the ball wasn’t going to just come out on its own.  When I stood up it felt as though it was coming out!  I squeezed my muscles tighter, but no matter what I do, the marble does a good job of making you feel like the ball is going to “escape” and you have to keep squeezing.  I double checked before I left the house, and nope – the ball was still in place, not even poking out (aside from the loop for easy removal, which stays outside the body).

Once I got to the mailbox, I waited patiently for Master to pick me up, and then I got in the car.  We have four speed bumps from the mail box to get back to our house, and each time we drove over them the little marble inside the Teneo Uno would jostle around a bit, and felt SO GOOD.  I highly recommend this toy for long car rides. 😉  We have used it many times since the first trip, and each time I’ve enjoyed immensely.  The Teneo UNO gets top marks for style, comfort, and fun!

When you want to clean your Teneo Uno, I do not recommend boiling since the toy is not entirely silicone.  Use a mild soap and warm water, or a toy cleaner instead. 🙂

All in all, I LOVE this toy, and I cannot thank Fascinations enough for sending it to me.  5 paws:

Thank you so much, Fascinations, for allowing me the chance to try out the Teneo Uno in exchange for an honest and fair review! ^^

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