A few weeks ago, someone asked if Master Pravus had specific rules for me to follow, and at the time, I said “not really”.  The truth is that there are very few rules, but I also think that so many of our rules are so ingrained in me that sometimes I forget that I am doing them!  The absolute number one rule is:

OBEY Master.

That isn’t hard, right?  Most of the time it isn’t.  I love obeying and being a good slave.  There are times when I do have trouble with certain orders though.  I’m working on it and trying my best to get past those.  I’ll never be 100% perfect, but I’ll always try my best.

We have a couple of “situational” rules.  For example, I’m supposed to always walk on the side of Master away from cars when we go out walking.  This is usually the “inside” if we’re on a sidewalk.  It can get a bit more complicated than that depending on where we’re walking though, and if it gets too confusing, he will tell me which side he would like me on.  This goes the same for when we are at an event or concert/etc.

I am not supposed to sleep on Master’s side of the bed, I am to sleep with my wrist cuffs and sometimes my ankle cuffs on.  Occasionally he will lock the cuffs.  I am not supposed to argue when Master says it is bedtime.  There are some other rules as well, but I think you’re getting the point.  These rules all basically boil down to “rule #1.” Obey Master.

We have some rules that are private and between us, that I will never share- because they’re personal and special.  There are other things which are somewhat universal that we share, that are kind of obvious when reading this blog.  For example, I call my Master by the title of “Master” and not just by his given name, etc.

I’ve talked to lots of other submissives, and many of us tend to agree – so many of the things we are supposed to do are obvious.  If there are chores to be done, Master isn’t home, and I have unsupervised time to myself – then I should probably do the chores before I sit down to do whatever else it is that I want to do.  I do many things like dusting, scrubbing the floor, dishes, laundry, re-organizing, putting things away, washing the sheets, making the bed, etc out of love for Master Pravus.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are things which get me wet and that I love to do though.  Common sense is my guide in most cases, and it is easy to figure out (if I need to on my own) what will make him happy.

Does he want to come home to a lazy slave who has catered to her own whims and not done anything for the man she married?  Or does he want to come home to a fairly clean house and a smiling slave ready to serve him?  The answer is clear to me.  I don’t need him to micro-manage me.  Yes, I love micro-management when it happens, but I can run on auto-pilot when need be.  That’s what I think service is about.  Following directions whenever you are given any, but also being able to think and reason on your own and figure out what will make your Master pleased with you.

There are so many times when I need to remember what he’s specifically told me before he left for work that he wants done that day, and there are other times when I need to anticipate his needs and do as he would expect me to do.  After being together for so long, you come to understand what is expected of you.  As new permanent rules pop up in our day-to-day, I am always eager and happy to oblige them.  But new rules are less important than obedience to Master Pravus, and obedience is the main focus of our relationship.

7 thoughts on “Rules

  1. Really good post.
    For me personally I found that there was only so long I could be on “auto pilot” for before I felt abandoned (not in a general way, just in a kink way. you know what I mean?)
    Meh, that’s my thoughts!

    1. @Livi Yes, I understand what you mean completely. Auto-pilot is really only something which happens for me when Master is away (at work or something), and when he comes home the auto-pilot goes away thankfully. I think being left alone even in a general way would make me sad too. 🙁

  2. I know what you mean by it’s clear what Master wants 🙂 Im expected to do the dishes but if we get take away or im just so tired (after a long work shift) then he doesn’t expect me to do it. Sometimes even if I am to tired I’ll just do it coz I like doing it for him. We have one rule though that most ppl don’t get. I must work at a job. Even though my payment is so low compared to Master’s, I must still have a job even while at uni. He will ofcourse give me money for Grocceries or other things if I only had one shift that week and need it or he wants to go out with a group of friends and take me with him he will pay if I don’t have enough. Oh yeah by grocceries I mean grocceries for the two of us… Even though at the moment I don’t like working there I do it to make him happy 🙂 I will ofcourse have a full time job after uni. (Uni is another rule, he told me to go to uni to get a better job hehe) I don’t mind doing these things for him though it was hard conviencincing my trade employeed family that I was able to go to Uni but hey im half way through my first year now 🙂

    1. @MomoNoHanna Yeah, I completely understand that. 🙂 I have a job, but it’s really just to occupy me when Master is working. I think without it, I’d be bored as Hell. There’s only so much cleaning you can do in a day, lol. We don’t make THAT much of a mess. 😉

  3. I was curious about the rules you might have as well. but I think that is fairly reasonable to obey him ..makes sense to me!
    I wanted to stop by and say hey,especially since i’m busy moving! I hope to be settled in by the weekend 🙂

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