The past few days have been trying for Master and me, to say the least.  Nothing is wrong between us, but rather, we got a bit of bad news and have just been having a couple of bad days.  Personally, I’ve been kind of depressed over the news, but there’s not anything either Master or me can do about it, so we’re just trying to move on and figure things out as we go.  I’m not going to get into it, because I generally don’t “air my dirty laundry” online, but I’ll just suffice it to say that I’ve gotten some bad news about my family, and some very frustrating news besides.  I’m sure it’ll be OK though, and Master and me are working on cheering ourselves up as well as just plain moving on.  We’re starting to feel better.

This past weekend I went to Plato’s Closet and got a bunch of cool stuff.  I got one skirt which was WAY too long, and also needed some “spicing up”.  I love when I find stuff like that.  It’s really very relaxing to me to be able to alter clothes and make them more fun.  Master pinned it for me (while I was wearing it) and I hemmed it, and now I’m working on embellishing it a little.  We’re going to post a picture when I’m done.  <3  While we were at Plato’s Closet, I also managed to buy the last Harry Potter book I needed to complete my collection, which crosses another thing off of my Day Zero Project list. I can’t believe in less than one year I am 49% done with it.  I’ve been working on Master’s blanket a lot lately.  That is the thing on the list which is going to take the longest.  I’m even starting to doubt getting it done by the time the list is up, but if I can keep up this momentum, I’m sure I’ll be able to.  🙂

Yesterday, Master gave me one of my xmas presents early!  He got me a really cute little lap top, and I love it.  <3  I am using it only for Neopets.  I’ve always wanted a laptop which I could dedicate to Neopets.  Lol.  Problem is, every time I dedicate a laptop to that, the laptop dies.  This is a new one though, so I’m sure it’ll last.

I know it is a bit dark, but Master just snapped this while I was playing with my neopets!
And a picture of Samantha and me with the laptop. <3 Because, of course, fuzzy kitties are cuter than "fake" ones. <3

So, that’s how things have been around here lately.  I’m kind of depressed a bit.  Master is stressed out, and we’re both just coming around the “bend” and starting to feel better. 🙂  If there’s one thing I am grateful for, it is having him around when things like this crop up. 


9 thoughts on “Grump-A-Lump

  1. *tons of huggles and glomps and belly scratches and ear nibbles* Believe me, I know about the negative shit happening lately and I’m very sorry to hear that some of it hit you guys. It’s so good to see that you have a positive outlook though! I had lost mine a couple times over the last few weeks.

    1. @JessieBeth Thanks, Sweets. Yeah, I know you guys have been dealing with some hard stuff.. Much harder than what I’ve been dealing with. Things are getting better though, so I’m definitely feeling at least a bit better now. *HUGGLES* ^^

  2. Bah, it sucks when bad stuff happens *hug* I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better now though. Still loving that photo of you peering out from behind the new laptop! Uber cute!

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