New Rule: Bed Time

For about the past few weeks, Master Pravus has been enforcing a new rule.  I didn’t expect it at all, and it is something that is taking some getting used to.  He is giving me a bed time.  For a few months now, he has been letting me stay up as late as I liked, and I’ve been staying up nearly as late as he has most nights.  This is unusual for me, but he hasn’t minded or been bothered by it.  I’m not entirely sure why (and maybe there is no reason), but since his work hours have changed he has been putting me to bed early.

It isn’t as though I mind new rules being set up but for some reason, I keep being unhappy with this rule.  I have always had this sort of feeling that if I am asleep, I’m missing out on something.  It has always affected me, because if I am sick I fight with myself to stay awake, rather than to sleep when my body is fighting off a cold or flu.  Logically, I know that I’m not missing anything by going to bed at 10PM, while Master Pravus stays up for a few more hours..  But my brain keeps thinking that I am.  I want to be awake and able to play with/be with/relax with him. 

I haven’t been fighting him or anything like that though.  Not verbally or physically.  Internally, there is a part of me which is really struggling, but I keep reminding myself of the one thing I learned from retail work (back in the day): “If you don’t like doing something, that means you should probably do it more often.”  In other words, I’m not going to get used to or enjoy this new rule until I accept it and sort of “talk myself into it.” 

I think this is really the first rule Master Pravus has given me which I don’t like.  I can’t help it – for some reason, it is making me feel left out, and I hate feeling left out.  It really shouldn’t be such a big deal though.  Going to bed early is good for me.  It allows me to get up earlier, it lets me be more well rested, it is good for your health.  ::shrugs::  It’s not going anywhere though, I may as well get used to it.

6 thoughts on “New Rule: Bed Time

  1. I totally know how you feel! I hate going to bed for the same reasons and often lay awake listening in case something happens so I don’t miss it! I think I’d really struggle to go to bed before my man for the same reasons too, just wanting to share every moment we have.
    You’re right though, it’s good for you in every way, physically, mentally, emotionally, which makes you a better kitty too, so I suppose that’d be a way to try and talk yourself into it. That by going to sleep earlier and getting more rest you’ll be able to be a much better slave when you’re awake.
    Although I do still need someone to send me to bed or I just stay up all night! lol!

  2. Ugh, being asleep while my Master is awake, I hate it. Mostly because that means I’ll be awake while he’s asleep at some point but partly because I’m missing out on time I could be spending with him.
    (even tho we’re hardly ever even in the same room even when we’re both awake.)
    My Master needs his alone time so I know that our out of sync sleep schedules are important but ugh. Plus, if I’m going to be really honest with myself I like some alone time too and the kind with him asleep at the other end of the house is rather nice.

  3. OMG…”bed time” rule is no fun! my Master gave me a bed time and i being a night owl since I was young have a VERY hard time having that set bed time! However, Masters always have our best interests at heart and this pet most certainly needs more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep that i was getting nightly before He made the rule. Might not like it but deep down i appreciate the extra sleep He makes me get! 🙂

  4. My bed times ranges between 1030-1130pm during the week (1130 if I had to study or finish a assignment) but this is what I’ve done all my life since highschool. Master stays up sometimes but not usually, his limit is about 1230 depending on if he did consutling work after his full time job (we are starting up a IT consulting home business) or if he is oncall for his full time job. But im sure things might change a bit once he buys his new bed and moves into the bigger room with me 🙂 He wants me to get up earlier at the sametime each week (i have e-regular waking up hours due to uni) but that would requrire me to wake up at 7am each morning lol and after a late working shift he realises that isn’t going to happen while im at uni and working different hours. oh well maybe in 2 and a half years …

  5. I dunno, I’m not sure I agree that “if you don’t like something, it’s a sign you should do more of it”. I don’t like eating going out to bars drinking, or sitting around people who smoke, or arguing with people, and I’m pretty sure those are all things I shouldn’t do more of 😉

    To be honest things like this are the reason I couldn’t be truly happy in a 24-7 relationship. I know myself and I know what I need, and while my boyfriend may always have my best interests at heart, he’s also human (as is everyone), and therefore, he’s not always right. No human being is right ALL the time, no matter how wonderful they are. I’d hate to have to bend to someone else’s will when I knew deep down it was a mistake, no matter how much I loved them.

    As for staying up late, I’m a night owl too, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m physically incapable of going to sleep at 10 pm, unless I’m completely exhausted. My bf and I usually go to bed anywhere between midnight and 3 am, it just depends how tired we both are.

    1. @Mer “To be honest things like this are the reason I couldn’t be truly happy in a 24-7 relationship.” Yeah, I can totally understand that, and I know that this isn’t the right choice for everyone. No lifestyle is good for every single person. This is what I’ve chosen though, and even though I occasionally have trouble with things I am asked to do, this is what I want – and given enough chance I always find a way to learn and grow from the things which are difficult for me.

      I do think that in general not liking something is a sign you should do more of it. For example, I used to hate doing the laundry because I was bad at it. I still am not in love with it (chores are never fun), but I am much more efficient with it now and it’s not an issue anymore. Of course this would not apply to things which are hazardous to your health, but as humans we often have a tendency to avoid things that we need to do just because we don’t like them. ::Shrugs:: We can just agree to disagree.

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