Money is something that I don’t usually have.  As Master Pravus’ slave, I do make money for him – but I nearly never hold onto it myself.  This is the way it has always been.  I get paid, I take the money out of the ATM (I get paid via a sort of ATM card) and give half of it to Master Pravus.  Sometimes I give him more, but he usually lets me keep half as allowance.  I can then spend the allowance on anything I want, although usually I keep half on my ATM card or put it in my paypal account, so either way I still do not have actual “cash” in hand ever.

Around September (until the holidays are over) Master Pravus allows me to keep all of the money I make – but I don’t spend it on myself.  I spend it on holiday presents for him, as well as for our families and friends.  It’s really odd.  A couple of weeks ago, we decided we were going to go and start buying some holiday presents for when we go back home in December.  It was very weird..  Not only having actual cash in my wallet – but ME being the one  to walk up to the counter and pay when the cashier rung in our purchase.  My wallet sits empty most of the time, and I nearly never use it.

This is one of those cases where I have given something up for Master Pravus.  Most people don’t understand.  My family, for example, used to wonder all the time why I would never have cash on me, and why I had to wait for Master Pravus to pay when I was out with them.  My mother knows I work, and she knows I give my money to Master Pravus to pay our bills with – but I don’t think she quite understands (nor do I need to explain to her) why.  Before I moved in with Master Pravus I would pay my own bills, and for my own purchases.  In the beginning, I would even “fight” with his debit card to see who could slide and pay for the purchase first.  That was before we moved in together though.

A lot of people who are in an alternative lifestyle like Master Pravus and me wonder why we would go through the trouble of putting my name on the bank account also, if my job isn’t to take care of the finances.  Lots of people in our situation don’t have joint bank accounts, and think that a slave/submissive/bottom/pet/etc should never be allowed access to the bank funds.

There’s one main practical reason why we do it this way: emergencies happen.  What if something were to happen to Master Pravus, and I truly had NO way to get access to our money?  What if he was at work and needed me to come bring him money for something?  Emergencies happen all the time, if Master Pravus slipped and broke his leg and had to stay at the hospital for a week, then yes – I would be the one who needed to make sure the bills are paid on time, and I would be the one who had to go food shopping, etc.

We both think that even if something isn’t your usual “role” that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to do it.  We’re also firm believers in having a back up plan for everything.  Sure, I have access to the bank accounts..  But I do NOT make purchases from it or use it for anything, except for in emergency situations.  Honestly – right now, I can’t think of any times when I’ve had to break into our account for anything, but it is better safe than sorry.

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  1. I get the “why do you bother working while your at Uni when he earns so much more”, question all the time. Basically he wants me to work, he knows I hate my job (thats why he told me to go to uni) but he wants me to have job. Its mainly so I don’t have to ask him for money. If im sick for a week and don’t get paid (its casual) or if im on holiday (which he lets me do time to time) then he will pay for grocceries and my transport. He pays for the bills but when I go full time after uni I will pay half along with grocceries. We have a rule whoever cooks pays for grocceries, since im the cook thats me :). So far my parents are the only ones that understand this system lol though my Mum is the one that pays the bills but Dad gives her the money, but Mum works casual like me so she can buy extras that she wants and spoil us kids hehe. It works for us and them, so whatever works is what you should do *^^*

  2. I think it is a great idea that you have access to money in case of an emergency.

    and you know what..if it works out for you all that way…that is great. at least you might not have the money troubles that some people have

    I am *almost* back to normal. I have missed reading your posts 🙂

  3. Now this is going to sound really strange to you but I wonder if it shouldn’t actually be the other way around. Like in the old Japanese tradition. The man of the house was never bothering himself with mundane issues like money or paying bills or food shopping. The wife was in charge of that, making sure everything in the house was running smoothly, securing a warm and pleasant environment for him.
    I’m a switch and a control freak and at the same time very submissive for the right Dominant who had been capable to get that out of me. I don’t live with my Dom (yet) but when we will, I plan to go Japanese on him : relieve him of all the worries, take charge of all financial issues, payments and all, make a perfect home for him, where he can relax and think of new ways of torturing or pleasuring me and others 🙂
    My wish is that by the time we get to live together to have gotten already to a stage where I make enough money so that he can stop working and just get pampered and spoiled. He is working way too much now.
    So, I’m thinking, if we do care about our Dominants’ well being shouldn’t we apply the Japanese model and take the burden off their shoulders ?

    1. @JJ “So, I’m thinking, if we do care about our Dominants’ well being shouldn’t we apply the Japanese model and take the burden off their shoulders?”

      To me: Only if it is what Master’s wants, and for us it’s not. While it is true that Japanese women stay at home while their husband works, there really is quite a big role reversal in their culture. Women are really the dominant ones, and control every aspect of the household. The only difference is that they usually stay at home and do not work.

      I don’t mean to say that for you or other people that the sort of dynamic where you are in charge of the money isn’t a good one. Of course it is. But being in charge of the money and house expenses are things which my Master wants to do. Trying to take on something he doesn’t want me in charge of goes against the first rule of our relatonship: Obey Master. Everyone’s relationship and dynamic are different and we’re happy this way.

  4. I’m glad that is working out well for you 🙂
    I wonder if the way we get to see this has anything to do with how we were raised in our families, what kind of concepts we left home with.

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