Works Like A Charm

I’m tied to the bed, I can’t move, I am blindfolded and gagged.  Suddenly, I hear Master Pravus hiss in my ear

“Time to make your nipples pretty”.

I know what’s coming, I know he’s getting the tweezer nipple clamps.  This time, we’re trying out my new Nipple Charmers that GoodVibes generously gave me to test out.

These very pretty Nipple Charmers are a tweezer style clamp.  Tweezer style clamps are very simple, insert nipples, and you can use the small ring on the bottom to tighten them the right amount.  One thing about these clamps which is different than most tweezer clamp styles is that the “tweezer” part of the clamp is very thick and stiff.  At first I thought that this was a benefit, because it seems sturdier than most other nipple clamps in this style.  However, the thickness of the bars makes it hard to slide the small ring on the bottom in order to tighten these up.  Even when they’re not on my nipples, it can be hard to slide the ring up and down on the clamps.

You can see in the picture that I only have the clamps tightened about one third of the way up.  Normally I can tighten other brands of this style clamp two thirds or so.  This was a bit disappointing, because I can’t get any real pain out of these.

Tweezer style clamps in general are not really a pain producing menace to your nipples.  They are great beginner clamps, and I always find that I can wear them for long amounts of time before they start to become uncomfortable.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  The masochist in me wants something which hurts my nipples, but I just can’t wear clover clamps for hours on end.

Tweezer clamps I can do just that.  We have taken to tweezer clamps because they usually have such pretty decorations.  We think of them more as nipple jewelry than we think of them as clamps.  A beginner to clamps may think differently however.

These particular clamps will fit a wide variety of nipple sizes, and if you would like a bit more of a “bite” you can always remove those black rubber nibs on the end of the clamps.  All in all these are gorgeous nipple adornments, and I highly recommend them to people who either are very new to nipple clamps, or who just want to feel like their nipple are “pretty” for a while.  The gorgeous beads and dangly bits will surely do that for you.

I’m giving these 4 paws:

Thanks so much, GoodVibes, for allowing me to try out this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review. 🙂

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