Day Zero Project Updates :)

I’ve been making quite a bit of progress on my Day Zero Project list lately, so I wanted to make an update post about it.  First off, here’s something kind of cool.  I completed #50 on my Day Zero list, but it was also my 50th thing to accomplish!  Yep!  I’m proud to say that in less than one year’s time I’ve scratched 50 things off of my list.  #50 happens to be “Buy a real steel boned corset”.  I did!  I got this one from (AFF) EdenFantasys, and I was SUPER surprised at how high quality it was.  For $52 I was expecting just another decorative corset, this was anything but.

Cinched in!

 I’ve wanted a corset for a long time.  I enjoy bondage and I thought that a corset would feel marvelous.  I was totally right.  Once I buttoned the front, Master Pravus had me stand against a wall and he pulled the strings in tightly.  I really, really loved the feeling of being cinched in.  Not only that, but after measuring my waist was down 2.5 inches.  I seriously didn’t expect that from a $50 corset.  I’m in love!  (Oh, and if you want to get one of your own, use the code G5U at the checkout and you’ll get 15% off your order…)

I’ve also been working a LOT on #38 which is “Finish Master’s Blanket“.  This one has been really hard for me, because I started making it, and about a month after I began I seriously injured my wrist.  It has taken until very recently to be mostly back to normal, though it still isn’t.  For the past two years I would stitch maybe 50-100 stitches and have to put the blanket down because of my wrist.  In the past few weeks though I’ve been able to add a few rows per day (if time allows).  It’s nice for time to be the problem, and not my wrist though.

It’s coming along!

I mentioned to Master Pravus that I think this blanket will take the biggest time commitment of everything on my list, but also that if I keep going at this pace, it’ll be done by his birthday. 🙂  I’m going to try anyway.  That’d give me about  7 months if nothing crazy happens in the meantime.

I’ve also been working on #48, which is “Become a confident enough driver that I’m not too scared to drive alone”.  Which has been hard for me.  I’ve never really LOVED driving alone, but it’s something I’d always been able to do.  I used to drive on the highway to get to work alone every day with no issues.  Ever since that small accident we had a few months ago though I am literally panicking anytime I am in a car, let alone driving.  🙁  It’s crazy.  I used to ask Master Pravus if I could drive places, but now I don’t really. 

He loves to drive, so he isn’t exactly worried about me not driving.  Driving is fun for him.  He has been working with me on overcoming this fear though, and usually “volunteers” me to drive when we have to go places which are close by. 

I don’t like doing it – but like I said before – I really think if you don’t like doing a task that just means you SHOULD be doing it more.  Once I’m rid of this nervousness I’ll probably start liking it again. 

Last night I was making cauliflower when I realized I forgot to get lemon at the store the other day.  We had to go out.  I actually asked Master Pravus if I could be the one to drive down to the store, and he said he was so proud of me for asking if I could, instead of being too scared or waiting for him to volunteer me.  I really think that this is awesome progress. 🙂  I’ll get there.

There’s other things I’m working on, but those are the main ones I’ve made progress in. 🙂  Things have been going wonderfully for us here, with the exception of a piece of bad news we got last night.  We were laying in bed when Master Pravus got a text message from his bother.  I guess Master Pravus’ mom fell down at her house and broke her shoulder and is in the hospital.  We don’t know if she will need surgery or anything yet, but she has been through so many surgeries this year that if she does have to go in, I’m not too worried.  Oh, and her surgeries have not been for anything life threatening, luckily.  Shoulder maintenance, knee maintenance, that sort of thing.  I do hope she recovers quickly of course!  Poor Master Pravus is beside himself though. 🙁  We are both looking forward to our vacation coming up starting this Friday night. <3

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10 thoughts on “Day Zero Project Updates :)

  1. Your working on driving also seems like one more example of how practical you both are. There may unfortunately be times when your Master won’t be able to drive such as after some medical tests and it is great that you’ll be prepared and won’t have the additional expense of cab fare.
    Crafting is such a hand-intensive activity. I’m so happy for you that you can do a full row now and on a big project 🙂
    Okay, my Master needs me so TTFN.

    1. @Lada Thank you so much. <3 Yeah, Master still needs his teeth removed, and it is going to require me to drive from far away from here to get him home. He'll be getting anesthesia, so afterwards he won't be able to drive (legally) or probably help me with directions. I'll get it! ::Puts on try hard face::

      I hope you're well. ^^

  2. *wolf whistle* You look amazing sweetie, very smart and sexy 🙂

    Proud of you for conquering your fears of driving. After I had my car accident back in college, it took me awhile to get comfortable again with it, but once I got through the worst of it, I was driving everywhere without even thinking about it. I’m confident you’ll get there too *hug*

    1. @LostMaverick Thank you so much. <3 You are always so supportive and awesome.

      @PersephoneNightmare Thank you so much! I'm hoping to get there on the driving soon! *Puts on try hard face*. And yeah, the corset is totally sexy. <3 I am in LOVE! ^^

      @MomoNoHanna Thanks! 🙂 Ooh, I bet all your bridesmaids (and you of course) were beautiful. <3

      @PhantomDancer Thanks! ^^

  3. Congrats on accomplishing so much on your Day Zero Project list! 🙂

    Don’t worry, you’ll have your driving fears gone and zooming around hopefully soon 🙂 *knocks on wood* I’ve never been in an accident but I can definitely understand how even though the car accident was little, that it would affect you like it does. Just keep trying and you’ll get to the point where it won’t even phase you to drive, whether with your Master or alone 🙂

    And that corset is *awesome* looking (and it looks nice on you too!) I might have to save up and get that, if they have my size, of course, lol. I think that having a steel boned corset would be so cool (and not to mention Synthetik would like it too, lol)

  4. I love the corset and that dress! 🙂 I wore a corset wedding dress on our day and it was so awesome I loved it, I also made my bridesmaids wear corset dresses hehe they didn’t like sitting down in them but they all said they loved the look of them even my friend who has weight issues liked it (*was a bridesmaid* she looked gorgeous, well she always looks pretty despite what she thinks). I love anything that is a corset and yours is awesome! pretty kitty!

  5. I came across this somewhere, so I read your complete list of DayZero goals (can’t comment on there, unfortunately), and I must say it was pretty awesome! I loved how it really involved really random things.

    We’ve made a blogpost trying to inspire as many as people as possible to participate (one of our goals was to write this ;). Perhaps you want to leave a comment of what you thought your best or most interesting goal was?

    Would be awesome 🙂
    – Griffith.

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