Heartbreaker 2.. The Name Says It All.

Heartbreaker 2, mine was black, but it also comes in Straw

When I was contacted by the lovely people at Fascinations to see if I’d be interested in trying the Heartbreaker 2, I admit that I actually had not heard of it, and had to do a bit of research to see what the toy was.  I looked at a few websites to see what other people were saying about the toy, and I was a bit scared.  Most people were saying that it was a “size queen” toy, and that it was a MONSTER of a toy.  While I was scared, I was also intrigued – and since I do enjoy a challenge, I told Fascinations that I would love to review it.

When the toy arrived, I’ll admit I was a bit scared.  The box that this toy comes in makes it look quite menacing.  It is the usual Fun Factory box, but it was much larger than the toy (by a good 4 inches!) and all I could think was “What on EARTH have I gotten myself into?”  I got the box home, and luckily the box was just a bit of a trick. 😉  The actual toy measures 8″ long, with about 6 of those inches being insertable.  The toy has a graduated design, so that you start off with the tip of the toy being about 1″ in diameter, and the base of the toy verges on 1.75″.  Because the toy is so graduated, it makes it easy to slowly work up to the width you want, and I don’t think that anyone should be afraid of it.  This would make just as nice a first toy for someone, as it would for an advanced user (like myself) with many a toy.

The Heartbreaker 2 is made from a matte silicone and the base is made from hard plastic.  The silicone itself has a bit of a “drag” so you’ll want to be sure to use some kind of water based lubricant with it.  The shaft of the toy is very flexible, and feels wonderful.  The toy takes two AA batteries which are not included, and it has quite the unique battery compartment.  In order to get the toy open you need to press in on the sides of the toy and PULL.  I have a hard time doing this myself, but Master Pravus gets the toy open easy peasy without batting an eyelash.  (And peanut butter jars too, dammit.)  Because the toy is splash-proof, you can bring it in the shower or wash it in the sink without worry.  Just please do NOT submerge the toy.  To clean it, you can use a mild soap and water, toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution on the silicone part of the toy.

One word of caution:  the toy is a lint/pet hair magnet.  We have two kitties, and no matter how recently I washed this toy or how careful I am about where I put it it gets hair and dander on it whenever I put it down.  The picture above was taken very shortly after I washed it, and yet if you look closely you’ll still see a couple pieces of lint/etc on the toy.  If this bothers you too much, you could always put a condom on the toy, or just be sure not to put it on sheets before you use it.

When it comes to actual use of the toy, I was pleasantly surprised!  To turn the toy on, just turn the dial with the whimsical flower either left or right.  Either way will work, and whatever direction you choose if you keep going the toy will turn off.  The vibrations never really get above a 2.5 intensity, and I was sure this toy would be a flop, but it wasn’t.  Once I started using it, I was very impressed.  The intensity is perfect for the amount of texture the toy has.  I am usually a bit finicky about texture.  Sometimes I enjoy it, but sometimes I don’t.  It’s so hard to know (without trying) how I will feel about the texture of a toy.  This one felt AMAZING.  Let me repeat:  AMAZING.  Those ridges just feel perfect vaginally, and the slight curve on the tip of the toy managed to hit my g-spot and made me see stars.  It only took one use before I was hooked.  I have started “craving” this one toy, and Master Pravus will tell you that it is now getting much more use than any other vibrator that we have at the moment.  Heartbreaker it is indeed.

Over all, I was very impressed with this toy, and I think all sorts of people will enjoy it, from beginners to advanced users.  I’m giving it 5 paws.

Thank you so much, Fascinations, for allowing me the chance to try this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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