Vacation Is Almost Here :)

In just a few hours, Master and me will officially be on VACATION!  We’re both really excited about it because there’s been a lot of stressful things going on between our families, and it’ll just be really nice to relax and sleep in, etc.  And I mean, really, stress or no stress, who doesn’t enjoy a nice long 10 day vacation?  ^^  This vacation is really just a “staycation” we’re not going anywhere particularly special, and we’re just going to be relaxing around the house together for the most part.  We have a real vacation coming up in just over a month (just under a month when we get back from this vacation) where we’re going to go to Boston for a full week to visit our families.  I do want to see my friends and family, but me and Master’s family never got along.  I’m hoping his mother will be civil, but neither me nor Master is holding out much hope.

Speaking of Master’s mom, she got a second opinion on her shoulder, and it turns out she is going to need surgery.  On top of a broken clavicle, she also has torn cartilage and her shoulder is still dislocated.  They tried non-surgical ways to get it back into place but with no luck.  Please send her some positive thoughts.  Even if she’s not my favorite person, it still doesn’t mean I want her to have to go through (another) surgery or be in pain.   Ugh.

As I expected, going to bed during my bedtime is getting much easier as time goes on.  It’s only been a little while, but already I can tell that I am starting to get sleepy around 10PM (my bedtime) and I am usually awake by 7 or 8 the next day.  I feel more refreshed and ready to go, and (if it is even possible) I may be a BIT perkier than normal. 😉  I’m glad Master set this bedtime for me, and I’m also glad I was a good girl and stuck with it.  I have to always remember he has my best interest at heart. <3  He DID tell me though that during vacation I won’t have a bedtime.   ^^  Yay!  Just because I am used to the bedtime doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t MIND being able to stay up late. 😉 

Things are looking up – our families both seem to be on the mend and we’re working on just being stress free for a little bit.  This vacation is really going to help with that, I think. 🙂  Oh, and I wanted to mention:  while we’re on this little “staycation” I’ll still be around, but I’ll definitely be logging online and onto twitter and my email less than normal.  So, please be patient with me, and I promise to respond soon. <3


5 thoughts on “Vacation Is Almost Here :)

  1. Hope you two have a great staycation together, it sounds very relazing 🙂 Don’t worry about logging online; you’ll be missed but you two deserve some quality time together without distractions. *hug*

    1. @Lada Thanks so much! 🙂 I appreciate the positive thoughts. <3

      @MomoNoHanna Yeah, I totally hear you! 🙂 I'm SO in need of this 10 day vacation. That's a shame that your Master won't be going along to Taiwan but I bet you'll have an amazing time. I would LOVE to go. ^^

  2. I wish I could have 10 days with no Conmitments ! I almost had a week off a few week ago (uni holiday) but work ask me to work for 3 extra days as ppl are slacking off and not showing up for their shifts. But I will get a 7 day holiday in Febuary in Taiwan but unfortunitly Master won’t be coming as he has to work 🙁 but he will have his holidays soon after. I haven’t had a real holiday in a few years due to studying working casual and not having ‘paid’ holidays. So I think Taiwan should give me that travel oversease fix I haven’t had since 2007 NZ lol Hope you have fun on your vacation *^^*

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