Vacation Is Over (Thank Goodness!)

I really don’t think I could TAKE much more vacation right now.  Ha.  Honestly though, this “stay-cation” we just took was supposed to be nice and relaxing, and while it had some fun moments, it was largely not fun.  I woke up the morning of vacation with my period.  This really put a downer on things.  We do have sex while I’m on my period, but it is a lot less frequent, which was a bummer on its own.  Luckily it went away by Thursday, but by then I started to feel really sick.

The first Saturday of my vacation, we went to see my doctor.  I had another cyst burst (I have Poly-Cystic Ovaries, for those of you who don’t know), and I needed to see my doc to see if we could do anything about it.  Her reaction was to increase my medicine.  Basically from the day I increased it to Thursday, I felt sick to my stomach and just very unwell in general.  Friday morning we got up and were getting ready to go to the mountains, when I got tunnel vision and nearly fainted.  I spent the majority of the rest of the day in bed, and then crashed really early.  The next morning I was feeling weak and sick, but we decided to go to the mountains anyway.  Master and me figured that since we would be sitting in the car during most of the trip (this was not a hiking adventure..) that I’d be OK.  I think getting out of the house did me a lot of good.  I really felt better at the end of the day.

The mountains were BEAUTIFUL.  We look forward to making the drive sometime when the entire road is open.  Apparently they shut the road down to the top of the mountain in the beginning of October.   After we drove around the mountain, we went looking for somewhere to eat.  We plugged a restaurant in that we found with the GPS and the GPS got us SO LOST!  We were going round and round in circles on these really choppy and messed up dirt roads.  The sort of roads that would be a pain in the butt to hike up.  >.<  Let me just say, we were both relieved when we got off those.

We wound up going to Georgetown which is a really beautiful little place which is mainly a tourist attraction.  There’s places to shop, eat, etc.  We went to the Happy Cooker, and the food was really very good! 🙂  After our meal, we went next door for some ice cream, and xmas shopping.  Woah.  Xmas shopping on Halloween?  Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.  We’re celebrating xmas with our families on the second and fourth of December though, so we have to get all the shopping done now.  We even have to ship the presents back home (Bringing them with us on the plane would be WAY too expensive).  Luckily, we only have to buy a present for one person (couldn’t find anything where we were) but hopefully we’ll be shipping everything home soon.

The day after the mountain trip, I was REALLY sick.  So sick I couldn’t sit up or get out of bed.  It was really uncool.  I felt like that for most of yesterday too.  Today I’m feeling great.  Bright eyed and bushy tailed and full of energy.  Honestly – with the exception of the mountain trip, the rest of vacation was NO fun because I was sick for most of it.  I’m just really sensitive to medications of any kind (including cold medicines), so they tend to react really poorly with me.  I have a new medicine we’re going to try this weekend (Master doesn’t want me trying it unless he is home, just in case) to help with the cysts.  Once I get this cyst medicine all worked out I’ll be fine.  It’s messing with the dosages which really messes with me.

The good news is that we have another vacation coming up.  This one had seriously better be more fun than the last one.  lol. 🙂  It will be.  We’re going back home December first to see our families and friends in Boston, MA.  It’s been over a year!  I miss my mum! <3

3 thoughts on “Vacation Is Over (Thank Goodness!)

  1. Aww hope you feel better soon! I know what it is like to be sick on vacation once I had bronchitis on vacation (in my chest) so spent the week on the couch (bed was to flat) I was planning on staying home and relaxing after a stressful uni semester so it worked out.Then once before that I was in Japan Tokyo visiting friends and got another type of chest infection, towards the end of the trip I got betterish but nearly passed out on the plane on home luckly the nice English lady that sat next to me that I was talking to gave me some herbal stuff that made me feel better 🙂 funny I felt fine before the plane trip maybe the pressure made it worse eh I survived lol. Oh yeah then I got sick in NZ with some sort of virus and had to go to the dr’s for high fevers lol still being sick in 2 country isnt bad since i’ve travelled overseas five times 🙂 Master has a habbit of being sick when he comes back except China lol Get better soon! *^^*

    1. @MomoNoHanna Thanks. 🙂 I’m feeling MUCH better now, thankfully. 🙂 I had pleurisy (which is an infection in your lungs) once, and they told me not to fly anywhere for two months after. Not that I did, or had plans to. So yeah, that could have DEFINITELY affected your bronchitis. 🙁 I’m glad you are OK now though. 🙂

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