Lights OUT! :)

Last night, Master Pravus and me did something we’ve never done before.  Brace yourself.  This is really kinky shit coming up here, and I don’t want anyone to get upset or scared…

We had sex with the lights off!

Ah, freaked you out there for a minute, didn’t I? 🙂  It was definitely a first for me though, I can’t recall a time where we had sex in total darkness.  We both enjoy having sex with the lights on.  That, coupled with the fact that I have zero night vision made me not even consider it as a real possibility.  (Not that it is up to me, or that I had any idea it was coming).  He got my ball gag on, cinched me spread-eagle on the bed with the tethers we have..  And then turned the lights out.  It scared the living daylights out of me.  It’s weird, I think, that something so simple could scare me so much.

We’ve done lots of sensory depravation before, put a blindfold on me, used earplugs, etc..  We have some great blindfolds.  The ones we use most often really do make it impossible for me to peek under them, and they block light out completely or 90%.  I think what scared me about having the lights out was just KNOWING that no matter what, Master Pravus would not be removing a blindfold, and I would not be able to see mid-way through, etc.  It felt much scarier and much more real to me this way.  Of course, tied to the bed and completely unable to move as I was, I didn’t even consider the possibility of just flicking the lights back on.  HAHAHA!

9 thoughts on “Lights OUT! :)

  1. I love it when the lights are off! I like sunshine and light as much as the next person, but there is something about the dark, esp. the night that just so…intimate. I love it that you have to rely on all of your senses, not just vision to engage in the act. All of them working together, its just a more sensual experience 🙂

    1. @LostMaverick That’s a cool way to look at it. 🙂 I think I prefer the lights on still though, because I am very visually stimulated, and I adore looking at my lover(s) and seeing them as well as what is about to happen.

      @MomoNoHanna I think that’s adorable how you hold his hand to help him on dark streets. I guess we don’t put lights on in the morning either, but it is usually sunny enough here without the lights to see plenty. 🙂

  2. hehe Master and I always have the lights on except when we have morning sex. Which usually involves my room with my black curtains and a bit of sunlight sneeking through. Master has cateracks so seeing in the dark is just impossible for him. I always hold his hand through dark streets with poor lighting. He can walk around without lights towards our unit coz he knows the area. But yeah its lights on for us and I sometimes get a blind fold 🙂 p.s. I love it when he jumps on my bed in the morning to wake me up for morning sex ^^

  3. oh wow been a while since i have done it totally in the dark..ha ha I didn’t even realize that!
    used to do alot with my ex’s because they used to show up in the middle of the night. omg ..the fun i used to have lol

  4. Hey, sweetie, It’s P’Gell. Just cruising your blog and saw this post. I love sex in total darkness. Just something so sensual about it. And you don’t know what toy he grabbing or what you are in for! I beg for it all the time. (He couldn’t care less if a flood light was on, but if I get up to turn off the lights and close the curtains I usually get what I want…..unless he has a pron on the TV, then I have to live with that. Oh, well, it keeps things interesting.

    Always good to see your blog, sweetie.

    I’m sorry about your mom and about the kitty. I hope they both recover quickly.

    Hugs and Love,
    Your Friend,


    1. @P’Gell *Hugs* Thank you, Sweetie. I appreciate the well wishes for Mom and Samantha. Mom is now petrified, but Samantha is doing much better. I’m just crossing my fingers Mom’s surgery goes well tomorrow. 🙂

      It’s so funny how the little things like turning lights out are so fun to one and terrifying to another. I don’t mind now, but we still don’t have sex with the lights out too much. I need a lot of pain in order to get off, and Master needs the lights on to see so he can administer that pain safely. Still, there’s something hot and terrifying about sex in the dark for sure. 🙂

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