First Snow

I tried to take a picture of myself during the first snow, but it's hard to take a picture of yourself! lol. This was the best shot.

Yesterday was the first snow of the season here in the Denver metro area of Colorado. ^^  Snow is something that I wait all year long for.  I adore the snow, I know that is hard to believe (with so many snow-haters out there!) but I do.  There is something very calm and peaceful about the way it falls, and waking up the next morning with everything blanketed in snow is just so lovely. 

One thing which I really miss about back home (Boston) is that they get a LOT more snow than we do here.  I know that seems counter-intuitive, but Denver gets a lot less snow than you probably think.  We get more sunshine than Miami Beach or San Diego (although, it does get cold here, even if the sun is out!), and unfortunately most of the snow melts in a day or two.  I’m used to New England weather, where the snow hits the ground, and you are very lucky to see the ground again before spring!  We don’t really get ice here.  The snow melts before it can freeze over like that to create hellish driving conditions.  If it is going to snow very badly, people just don’t go into work (in Master’s case, he just works from home).  They don’t plow here either.  Like I said, if it is going to snow badly – people just stay the Hell off the roads until it melts (by the following day), and if they somehow have to drive in it, they drive at 5 MPH to get home.  The snow here isn’t really suited to snowman making or snowball fights though.  Since it is so dry here in Colorado, we get a lot of light powdery snow that doesn’t clump up enough to do anything with. 

All in all though, I’m just glad we have some.  There are lots of people out there who could not live away from the beach or just water in general – that is how I feel about snow.  That kind of desperate dire need to be close to it.  In a way that I can’t quite describe, it makes me feel safe – and that is something that I could never give up.  I do miss the beach though too.  Not enough to make me want to move out of Denver, but perhaps the next time we visit home, it’ll be in the summer months so we can visit a beach. 🙂

It took no time at all to start looking like a real storm. <3

There have been a lot of things on my mind lately, which have kind of been preventing me from making a blog post.  I had no idea how to put my thoughts together to make sense of it all.  We’re leaving in just under three weeks to go on a week long vacation to see our families, and drama is starting to unfold.  >.<  A few weeks ago, my mother was smart enough to call us up and plan a couple of things which we had talked about doing together.  Because she called us first, she had pick of the best days to suit her schedule.

Months before this happened, we called Master’s mom (we’ll call her K) to let her know that we had planned the trip so that we’d be there on her birthday (which is the fifth of December).  K was thrilled, and said she couldn’t wait for us to come visit and to see us.  OK.  A few weeks after that, she called to tell us she made other plans and was now going to Maine for five of the seven days we were going to be on our trip.  Master and me were both upset, since we made plans to make her birthday special, but as there was nothing we could do, we just kept it to ourselves. 

We called K and M (M is Master’s brother) and tried repeatedly to make some plans with them for when we visited, and they kept putting us off.  We went on planning with people who decided to make plans with us, and left the two days that K said she’d be in town for her.  Recently we got a call from K who has apparently decided that she isn’t going on her Maine trip after all, and she wants to bogart more days for us to spend over there.  We feel really bad, but our trip is seriously packed now.  Every day (except for one) has plans, some days do not involve sleep, and they all include people we really want to see or things we really want to do.  M spent the better half of an hour with Master on the phone the other day trying to figure out when they could visit, and he is now just as busy as us, and we’re not going to see him.  Not a huge deal for me, (since his brother despises me), but I would have liked Master to be able to see his brother. 

It’s all getting kind of accusatory and people are getting their feelings hurt, thinking we’re trying to snub them.  That’s not it at all.  We just want to fit all our friends and family in, so that means that we’re not able to spend a huge chunk of time with any one person.  Had we known about K’s Maine trip being cancelled a few weeks ago, we would have gladly planned more time to spend with her.  She didn’t cancel though until she started to realize that we’re not visiting MA again for two years after this, and I think she realized how much she misses us.

I’m also a bit worried about the cats.  We have one friend who happens to work in the complex (we’ll call him C).  C said he would be willing to come by and feed and water the cats, as well as change their litter.  We offered to pay him, and we’re just going to go buy some disposable kitty litter pans to make things easy for him.  There’s a part of me that is probably going to worry about the cats the entire time we’re gone though.  Samantha is my fur baby, and she means a lot to me.  Being away for any length of time makes me worry a bit.  I’m sure she’ll be fine though.  C will take good care of her.

Last night, Master and me were both just tired/stressed from life in general, so we gave each other a back massage with some chocolate massage oil I had.  It’s kind of funny.  The other day we were watching Harry Potter, and I jokingly said I wanted a back rub from Hagrid because his hands are so big. 🙂  Well, while Master was massaging me I kept telling him how big his hands were and moaning “Hagrid”.  Ha ha.  Silly.  It’s been so long since I had a good rub-down like that though.  As a massage therapist – everyone wants to get a massage, but no one massages the MT, you know?  Still, thank you world for letting Master have huge hands!  *Giggles*

5 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Yikes…not the white stuff. Hey I am born and raised in Montreal….lots of snow. Not a fan after 4 months lol.

    First all your cats will be fine, enjoy your holiday. I have had friends come and take care of my two babies and it always goes just fine.

    As for the family schedule planning, that sucks, sorry about that. Hard when you want to please everyone but end up not relaxing as much as you would like. Hopefully it will all work out.

  2. I wish we had snow here in QLD. Master is American and comes from Vermount he misses the snow coz when it snowed he could see things easier (light reflecting on the snow) I love winter, I hate being hot lol when I’m hot I can’t sleep but when I’m cold I can sleep for ages and according to Master my favourite thing to do besides sex is sleep hehe mew! I’ve seen snow though in NSW up in the mountains. But I didn’t like sking much lol

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