Flying With Over A Pound Of Steel? Nope. :(

I’m not a terrorist, I’m not trying to smuggle weapons, and I’m not trying to hijack a plane.  I have, however, spent the past few weeks worrying about trying to figure out a way to wear over a pound of steel around my neck, and into the airport when Master and me fly on the first of December.

A bit over two years ago Master and me got married, and in lieu of a wedding ring I got a beautiful solid steel collar to wear.  It locks on with an allen screw, and thus needs an allen key to get it on and off.  In the past (just over) two years that I’ve worn this collar, it has come off very few times.  Both Master and me know that there are times when it is safer not to wear it, for example the few times I’ve needed x-rays.  When the x-rays were done, the collar went right back on though.  The times I could not wear it I felt naked, and also like I wasn’t being true to the “task” Master has given me.

My collar means a lot of things to me.  The promise I made to Master two years ago to be his BDSM slave forever and ever for one.  It’s also a bit of a burden to me at times, but one which I am always merrily willing to bear.  It is my job to take excellent care of my collar and to make sure that nothing bad happens to it.  It’s also my job to be sure that if I am taking it off, it’s for a damned good reason, and that it goes right back on when that damned good reason is over with. 

Security rules in the USA for plane travel have changed drastically over the past few weeks.  All people going into the airport must pass through a metal detector and then a backscatter x-ray before they can get into the airport.  If they do not want to go through the x-ray, they can get an invasive pat down.  The purpose of this post is not to debate whether or not these procedures are useful, but there they are in case you did not know. 

Since neither Master nor me wants to risk my collar getting confiscated (Who would?  It is like my wedding ring!) we had figured that I would have to remove my collar and put it in my luggage.  Due to the fact that my collar requires a special key to get on and off, we didn’t want them taking our key on the chance that it “might pose a threat.”  Sad as it is, we have heard of less threatening things being confiscated. 

I was feeling pretty good though the other day when we called the airport and asked them if you would need to take jewelery off to enter the backscatter x-ray.  As much as I didn’t want to go through the x-ray, I also did not want to put my collar in luggage in case my luggage got lost (not as uncommon as you think!).  The woman on the phone said that we would NOT need to remove my collar to go through backscatter. 

For some reason, despite having a clear answer from someone on the phone, Master decided to call back and ask again.  The woman he got on the phone this time said that if the metal detector beeped, I would need to take it off for it to pass through x-ray alone regardless of the fact that I would be going into backscatter.  Ugh.  This now means that if I want to wear my collar on the plane that Master has to bring the allen key with us on carry on, and there’s a good chance that they will confiscate it (and possibly my collar, because it is big and bulky and solid steel).  The biggest problem really, was lack of a consistent answer! 

So, we needed another plan.  The collar you see pictured above is my old training collar.  Master gave this to me after I had worked hard enough to get my choke-chain taken away.  In other words, it was my first real collar with him. 🙂  Since this only requires a buckle, Master is having me wear it instead.  I’ll be able to take it off to let it pass through x-ray, but can wear it again for when while we’re traveling.

It won’t be the same, and yeah, I’ll be a little bit worried about my metal collar while it is in the luggage, but I’m sure it’ll be fine.  As much as I want to keep the country safe, I wish that wearing a “necklace” didn’t have to be such a big deal to the security stations.  I’m just glad that we were able to figure all this out before getting in the airport, and hope that the rest of the ride is smooth sailing.  Last night Master and me ran out to have this tag made.  The old tag had our old number from back in Massachusetts on it.  I can’t believe I haven’t worn it in over a year! 🙂 



9 thoughts on “Flying With Over A Pound Of Steel? Nope. :(

  1. It’s sad you have to do this but it sounds like you’ve come to a good solution.
    I hate being without my bracelet. I keep avoiding having it resized because I can’t stand the idea of being without it for over a week.
    I really like the tag you’ve got. I’m tempted to show Master this post and see what he thinks.
    Cute wallet too 🙂
    I hope your trip goes as well as possible.

  2. Hmm, all that air security sure has gotten worse over these years. But I’m sure glad you two have made a fantastic solution. I think your new tag is wonderful. 🙂

    Happy travels! 😉

  3. *giggles* Master is deliberately avoiding replying to this post so you won’t be subjected to a rant on people being forced “to consent to non-consensual domming”
    But, he loves the tag idea. Thanks for telling me about Pets Mart. We live in the boonies so I’ll have to do some searching to find somewhere with one of those machines.

  4. and now, I too can say I understnd the fealing of things not being right when notable to wear the regular collar, as min will have to com off again for my flight home on sunday, sigh, it fealt so wierd not to be wearing it.

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