I’m In A Plane!

I’m writing this post sitting next to Applepig, who is sitting in the seat next to me, and who is not seat-belted in.  Every time I try to belt him in he kicks and screams.  I swear. Stupid pig.

We left the house around 10:30AM, and headed to the airport.  We got to the parking lot, and they gave us a coupon for a free day.  The lady driving the shuttle bus was really nice, and we were actually the only people on the shuttle.  I guess the whole flying mid-day on a Wednesday thing was really an awesome idea.  🙂

When we got to the airport, Master and me were both expecting to have to opt for pat-downs.  Truth be told, we really do not like the idea of those backscatter x-rays.  The one backscatter x-ray machine they had was locked down with an “out of use” notice on it, and we were lucky enough to not have to go through or have to opt out either.  The first TSA agent we saw was actually really nice, and just a cheerful old guy.  🙂  We got through security pretty quickly which was also nice, and probably spent less than fifteen minutes in line and were through quicker than a wink.  The longest part was when Master had to put his shoes back on.

Actually, one really cool thing to note is that my kitty ears did NOT set off the metal detector, despite having metal in the barrettes.  Just another cool thing about the Mewtique! (Shameless self promotion).  I had actually completely forgotten to take them off, because they just are too light to even notice.  I told the TSA agent that I’d be right back, as I had forgotten to remove something metal, but she wouldn’t let me go back.  Since I had to go through, I was completely excited that the ears didn’t set anything off.  lol.

After we got into the airport, we were both really hungry, and didn’t really want to go to McDonalds. :/  We went to this cute little restaurant, and I had pasta and Master had a grilled chicken sandwich.   Master chose the pasta for me.  It was so good, I ate it all – which is rare for me with restaurant food.  Lol.  Then we got some drinks and headed to find where the terminal was and sit down.

While we were waiting, our friend H called us to talk about plans for Saturday night.  There’s going to be a kink-friendly party and I am chomping at the bit to go.  It has been so long since I have been to a play party of any kind, because we still haven’t really met anyone in the scene around Colorado.  Boston peeps, I miss you! 😀  I was talking to H on the phone and trying to describe my new found love of canes, when I realized how inappropriate I was sounding and that the 50+ year old woman next to me was getting a bit, well..  Squirmy. 🙂  Really, you can’t take us anywhere!  Lol. 🙂  There is literally nothing I can ever talk about which is either work safe or public-safe.

We got on the plane, and I will admit – I was not the best kitty ever.  I started panicking when it took off, which is just a bit weird, I guess.  I really don’t like to fly.  I know a lot of people will think it strange, but the thing which scares me about flying is not that I am scared of crashing.  I mean, truthfully – if I thought we were going to crash I’d be petrified.  I just really do not like the feeling of going up or down.  I don’t like amusement park rides either though.  I’m getting better as time goes by.  As I type this, I am on the fourth airplane that I’ve ever been on – and I think I’m dealing OK.  The first time I flew I was crying and a mess.  Now, I just hold Master’s hand for dear life and curse Applepig’s name.  (NOT an exaggeration).

The first flight went OK, but as I mentioned, I’m just not really a fan.  We landed in Milwaukee about a half hour ahead of schedule, and we both got some dinner.  I managed to find a delicious vegan wrap, which kind of shocked me.  It is pretty exciting to me whenever I find vegan food in places like an airport.  I may not be vegan anymore, but I really do prefer vegan food.  Master found a sandwich to go, because they were boarding for our flight early.

Right now we’re on the way to Boston on our second flight, and I am VERY MUCH looking forward to being on land again.  I’m calm, but I just am not a big fan of flying.  I think I just need to do it more and then I’ll get used to it.

Well, that’s my very dull vacation day 1.  Here’s hoping day two is a bit more exciting. 😉


7 thoughts on “I’m In A Plane!

  1. ahh i don’t think i would care for flying etiher. i am so very sorry I haven’t made it by this week sooner.damn drama! I mean hey when it’s on my own accord I dont make it by, well thats one thing but this..blah!

    I have to tell you I saw a girl walking with kitty ears while ago and thought of you!!!

    I hope you get to go to that party!

    I mailed your card monday I think it was so it should be waiting on you

  2. Hi, Kitty. I freak out on planes, too. My Man usually holds my hand, but once we were separated due to a seating error and I cried half the way to our destination. Once we land, I’m fine.

    I am like this every time we fly. So, you’re not alone.


  3. My Man and I have flown together about 10 or 12 times and it’s only happened twice (and once we had kids with us, so we both took kids, but had to separate ourselves so each one of us could be with kids) so it isn’t really common.

    I did learn, though, that I could get through it and he was proud of me for being brave, even though I cried.


    PS I love your blog, I’m glad Eden posted it.

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