Vacation Day 1 Continued

We got off the plane and were at the baggage claim about a half hour early. Master Pravus went to the bathroom while I was supposed to be getting the baggage, and when he got out of the bathroom he laughed at me, walked over to our luggage and picked it up. Oops. I don’t know how it happened, but I had managed to not notice OUR luggage. This is despite the fact that before we left for the trip Master had me crochet a couple big bows for the luggage out of hot pink yarn. >.<

Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long for our shuttle, and then after that it took about forty minutes to get to where my parents lived. I called my mother from the bus and had her come get us at the bus station. When we got to there, my Dad was waiting outside the bus, and I could tell that he was looking excited (and also VERY thin!). I could barely wait to get outside the bus and give him a HUGE hug. Master went out of the bus ahead of me and had to go inside to buy tickets for us. He did not even recognize Master Pravus (who has lost 150 pounds and shaved his head since they saw each other last.) Dad grabbed both of my luggage and brought them to the car, and I just followed him.

We got the luggage in the car, and I looked around the side of the vehicle, trying to see if anyone was in the front seat of the car. I was really hoping that Mom was feeling capable of getting out to pick us up when we got there. (With her depression crippling her lately). It was dark, and as I didn’t see anyone in the car, I frowned – and started walking away from the car to see if I could find Master Pravus. As I turned away from the car, I heard a voice behind me call my name and say:

“Did you think your mother wouldn’t come to pick you up?”

I really didn’t expect this to happen, but I ran to my mother, gave her a HUGE hug, and started bawling like a litle kid.  I really don’t know where that came from. I’ve never been very lovey-dovey around my mom. We’ve had an awful lot of differences between us and I do not know where it was coming from. All I knew for a good five long minutes was myself and my Mom, with me blubbering like a baby and my mother holding me and telling me not to cry because she was “here and everyone was together.”

Master Pravus got to the car once he paid for our bus fare, and my mother drove us to their house. Unfortunately, the plan was not to stay there, but to go to Sarumom’s house (Master’s mom). At this point, it was well after eleven PM. I was tired, but not exhausted yet – although truth be told, Master and me were getting sleepy. After talking to Sarumom weeks earlier, she had insisted that we drive out to her whenever we showed up.

This posed a slight problem, because my parents were lending us a car for the week and neither Master Pravus nor me fancied the idea of needing to go out on the one day that we were supposed to be spending with Sarumom (the following day) to drive a total of eighty minutes to fetch the car. This meant we needed to get to my parents house, pick up the car and presents and head to Sarumom’s. Whew.

We got to my mother’s house, packaged our luggage into the loaner car, and went into the house to get the presents. A couple of weeks earlier we had shipped every present we bought to my Mom’s place. We didn’t want Sarumom to open the boxes ahead of time (which is very like her!).  As we were making piles of presents for what went to which house, we realized that we could not find Master’s brother’s fiance’s (tongue twister alert!) present!

We had bought something specifically for her, and were both so upset with ourselves for not remembering to pack it! At first we thought that maybe the present had been packed in someone else’s box by accident, so we unwrapped every present for any person who had two or more presents. We still didn’t find the gift! 🙁 We wound up having to admit defeat and just go to Sarumom’s house anyway.

By the time we got on the road and got to Sarumom’s house it was LATE. Sarumom has specifically left instructions with Master Pravus earlier that day (twice) to wake her up when we got there. I’ll be honest now and say that by the time we got to her house, neither of us wanted to. We were dead on our feet (and who wouldn’t be after thirteen hours of total travelling time from when we left the house to when we got to our final destination) and we just wanted to go to bed. We decided that since there was no way around it that we’d better just get Sarumom’s stocking out of the bags and wake her up pretending to be Santa. Of course she thought this was pretty funny, but she was also just really glad to see us.

We spent a good hour talking before I just bluntly said: “I love you. A lot. I’m going to bed now though because I’m seriously exhausted. I can’t wait to chat tomorrow though.” I think she totally understood, because we all went to bed right after that.

Part three coming soon….

4 thoughts on “Vacation Day 1 Continued

  1. LOL “Sarumom” That is too cute 🙂

    Well, glad the trip wasn’t too much of an ordeal. Hope the next couple of days treat you well *hug*

    BTW, love the Christams photo on your main page 🙂

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