Vacation Day 2

Sleeping the night before had proven to be difficult for me, although Master slept like a log. I spent the night just shivering and watching the clock until about 6AM. Our alarm was set to go off at 8AM so that I would be ready to leave the house by 10AM. We crawled out of bed and Sarumom had planned on opening Christmas presents as though it was xmas morning so we got a drink and piled into the front room.

Master and Sarumom helped me elevate, wrap, and ice my knee and were both really good about keeping me off my knee unless I needed to be on it. Master played “Santa” and passed out the presents and then we all took turns unwrapping things. We made out like bandits. Sarumom got us both several gift cards to Target, Best Buy, feetie pajamas, stickers, a bath set, and a few other things. As a funny side note: I am one of the few people who adores bath sets. I take tub baths all the time, so I love getting bath beads and bombs and scented soaps. Most people see it as sort of a “throw away” gift though so I never wind up getting any! πŸ™‚ The one time I got one before this I tried to tell the person how much I loved it, but they just said that they couldn’t think of anything to get me and were sorry. Lol. Silly.

Master got a pair of work pants, a series of books (I don’t remember the name), a set of black Queen size sheets, knit sheets, and his baby blanket from when he was “Little Master”. πŸ™‚ It’s this orange fuzzy blanket, and for a couple of years he has been wanting to track it down. He was so excited when he unwrapped his blankie. <3 I loved seeing his eyes light up.

We got Sarumom only two presents, but we figured our plane tickets had to count for something. About a week before we left we got all dressed up and went into the mountains locally to take a picture of ourselves. We then blew the picture up and framed it for her, since she always asks us for pictures. She LOVED it. She seriously was holding back tears when she saw it, I could tell. She didn’t believe us when I told her that we took it ourselves with the tripod. ::Laughs:: She thought we had it professionally done! We also got her a magenta fleece colorado zip-up. She loved that too. We were so happy. <3

After present time, I ran upstairs to take a bath and do my hair. Thank goodness Sarumom has a TUB! πŸ™‚ I go nuts without my tub baths. The tub has a sprayer attatched too though so that you can shower after if you want. I went downstairs (and Master and Sarumom made me use the chair lift, since stairs are HELL on knees. My doctor told me I could walk if I wanted, but to avoid stairs as much as I could. You know, I felt silly in the chair lift, but I have to admit, not doing stairs made my knees feel better than without, I’m sure.

After a tasty breakfast, we went out to the ocean! There’s no “ocean” in Colorado so Master and me wanted to go. We knew it would be freezing as Hell, but it was nice just to be able to touch the salt water, and pick up a couple of shells. It’ll probably be two years more until we get back, so we figured we may as well. It was really very lovely! We got a few pictures (which I’m sure I’ll post later) and it was cold and breezy.

After, we got into the car and took a trip to the Fresh Market. Fresh Market is basically a natural foods store. Sarumom was worried she wasn’t going to have enough food for us. I do NOT know why. She knows I’m not a big fan of meat and she was worried I wouldn’t get enough “complete protein” a lovely myth which I might get into another day and another time, but not in my vacation synopsis. Lol. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I was only staying for one day (before we were going to stay with my parents) and so I wasn’t worried there wouldn’t be enough food. Sarumom just ran around the store adding in whatever she thought I would eat! ::laughs:: She wound up getting us some lemon and orange hard candies too, which is something I can never find in Denver (the kind in the tins) and I just loved it. <3

After the Fresh Market we had a date with a Chinese Food place called Great Chow. Denver has CRAPPY Chinese food (another rant for another day) and Master and me were dying for some good stuff. Luckily, it also happens to be Sarumom’s favorite restaurant, and as it was her birthday lunch we decided ahead of time to bring her there. When we arrived, Sarumom asked for May, her favorite waitress. May arrived and whatever Sarumom wanted she got! I guess Sarumom does not like the normal paper napkins, so they got her fabric ones! They do not even do that for other people, so it was a bit silly to me. I had forgotten my ID, and Master ordered me a mojito and May said it was FINE! She didn’t hassle me and said she trusts Sarumom not to ever lie to her. πŸ™‚ That was pretty cool. I got a miso soup (which was amazing), and some veggie lo mein and spring rolls. Sarumom got lo mein, and Master got chicken fingers, pork strips, white rice (which is a treat and he never gets at home) andbeef teriyaki. We just had a great meal (the mojito making me feel relaxed and loose-liped around his mother) and just chatted about how much we love Colorado. Sarumom says she wants to come visit us for a couple of days and then we can all fly out to Las Vegas. I have never been to Vegas, though Master has. I’m all gung ho about this. The flight would probably be less than one hour. πŸ™‚ Ooh, and on the way out of the door May leaned over to Master and whispered “You have a very pretty wife”. I was so glowy. πŸ™‚ I melt at compliments like that. Lol.

We went home, and just relaxed. An old family friend came by and it was quasi-nice to see her. She’s always implying things that annoy the Hell out of me. (Another rant for another day, I’m sure) and for dinner Master had leftover Chinese food and I had no-cheese veggie pizza. SO GOOD. I got my feetie pajamas on, and we all just spent a few hours chatting and relaxing.

Then, our friend Lestat called. He’s probably our kinkiest friend in the Boston area, and we used to have a lot of fun together. Most of the time we would just chill and relax, but I’ve been at the receiving end of his floggers a couple of times! πŸ™‚ Master invited him to come over, and Sarumom went to bed about an hour and a half later. Lestat came over and we just chatted about a lot of different things.

I was in my feetie pajamas, and after a while we decided to play a bit. Lestat keeps at least one big bag of toys in his car at all times, so it wasn’t long before the canes came out! Canes are so special to me now. I know it has been only about two weeks since I’ve discovered them, but I really adore them. <3 Master likes to say “Canes are a real weapon intended for *destruction*” I think he is right. I honestly am just so fucking in love with them.

Lestat has a lot of canes, maybe 6. A couple are flat, most were round – some of them were thicker and others thinner. I had never been flourentined, so Lestat said he’d break my fluorentine cherry. We worked out that we couldn’t play upstairs because Sarumom might hear, so we all went down to the basement. Sarumom’s basement is this creepy, spider-infested, dusty, cobweb nightmare. All I could think to myself as we went downstairs was:

“Shit. Two dominants are bringing me into this dingy, dirty, filth-ridden basement and they are going to do terrible, terrible things to me. I fucking love my life”

I do not, however, love spiders, and I had to just try really hard not to focus on the creepy-crawlies all around me. >.< We got downstairs, and Master set up a chair for me to kneel in. Lestat took out a couple of his floggers and told me to kiss them. I did. <3 He started flogging me, one flogger first then both. It was very hot and felt amazing.

I was completely naked – and I kept my footie pajamas next to me at all times in case we heard Sarumom coming. We only got to play a little while before paranoia got the better of us and Master could swear he heard his mother upstairs. We didn’t want to be caught really – me nude, and Lestat with his HUGE-MOTHER-FUCKING-DUFFLE-BAG-OF-KINKY-SHIT. ::Laughs:: I scrambled like a lemur into my pajamas, and we went back upstairs to just chat a bit more. There would hopefully be time for play later in the week. >:)

Shortly after that, Lestat left and we all went to bed. By that time, it was almost 2AM. I had the makings of some slight bruises on my back.

All in a day’s fun. <3


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