Vacation Day 3

The next morning, I asked MIL if we kept her up or anything. 

“We tried to be nice and quiet, and were worried we’d wake you up or something.”

Smooth, right?  Well, she said she didn’t hear a word.  Nice.  That just gave me a big sigh of relief.  I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready, because it turned out that MIL had planned a gathering with a few relatives and their kids.  Joy.  For the record, Master Pravus and me are not big on children.  Like, at all.  10+ aren’t really a big problem, but we’re just at a loss for what to do around children.  It’s just not our thing.  There was one kid who wouldn’t leave Master Pravus alone.  Lol!  He just hung around him and wouldn’t leave.  Master Pravus looks at me and mouths the words “Uh, what am I supposed to do?”  I laughed and said “I don’t know!”  It was really cute and funny. 

We spent about three hours chilling with the relatives.  Wedding pictures from M (Master Pravus’ brother) started going around, and I asked Master Pravus if he’d get me some hot spiced cider with a big ‘ol shot of rum in it.  (I was still being stuck in the chair with ice and elevating my knee) and he did.  That was SOME cider.  I could barely taste it through the (probably) two shots of rum.  He he he.  Somehow it made the family gathering more tolerable. 

We finished up our visit with the relatives, and headed over to Master Pravus’ old work place.  It was great to see a couple of gals who we had not seen in a long while.  Truth be told, most of the people Master Pravus worked with were gone.  Many of them were fired, and lots of them left to seek out other job opps.  It’s kind of sad to see how many good people were gone, but in the end, I’m glad that lots of them have found better places to be.

We went out to eat, and I honestly don’t remember the name of the place.  Master Pravus ordered me a Booberry Mint drink.  I didn’t taste any mint, but it was tasty nonetheless.  He also got me a very odd grilled cheese sandwich.  It had three kinds of cheeses, and one of those was brie.  I’ve never thought of brie as a grilled cheese sandwich cheese before.  It tasted good, but half the sandwich was more than enough (so filling!).  I dipped the sandwich in cheese and broccoli soup.  Om nom nom.  Master Pravus got a regular cheeseburger, with LETTUCE!  ::Ahem::  It was all really good.  We just had a nice little chat and caught ourselves up as well as making more plans to hang again.

Next stop?  Of course we needed to go get me the largest black tea we could find me at a local Dunkin’s.  Turns out, Dunkin’s has some large teas!  Oh my!  Honestly, if I wasn’t guzzling caffeinated tea all week I never would have made it to all these things we had planned.  After I got my tea, we packed into the car and headed over to my brother’s.  We’re going to call my brother “Percy” since I’ve decided to go with pseudonyms.  (Think Percy Weasley). 

We got bad directions and drove up to the wrong house.  My brother must have seen our car coming and he ran out to meet us.  I gave him a hug, and we all went inside.  When we got there my brother assured me there was not only rum, but ‘nog.  I will say, Percy can be quite hard to be around so I just wound up self medicating.  Healthy?  Fuck no.  This is vacation though people, and I will freely admit that I pay zero attention to what I eat on vacation.  Well, vacations out of state.  If I’m staycationing, I eat my usual healthy fare.  I must have put three freaking shots of rum in my ‘nog.  It was definitely strong.  Before I knew it, I was having fun!  Ha!

Percy was really generous, and paid for Chinese food for everyone.  He wouldn’t take donations, and I know for a fact that dinner came to over $150!  >.<  We all chose what we wanted from the menu and put our name on it, and even if we picked smalls – he upgraded all the food to larges and in some cases he ordered several of one thing even if only one or two people ordered it.  >.<  Needless to say, there were plenty of leftovers.  The food was really tasty though, so there’s chinese food run number *2* and alcoholic drink number…. (Have you been keeping count?) *3*. 

When we finished eating, we all gathered near Percy’s x-mas tree to unwrap presents.  I really enjoyed giving presents to everyone.  Master Pravus and me looked hard to try to find presents we thought everyone would like.  In a couple of circumstances I made additional presents to go with the ones we bought.  Almost everyone got a Colorado T shirt (but each was personalized to suit certain personalities).  Mom got a moose nightie (since she collects moose).  I made a very soft red scarf for dad, Percy’s girlfriend got an orange and pale pink striped scarf, and everyone else just got T shirts.  I got something very, very special.

When I was “little Faete”, my mom had a plush elf bear which we named “Belf”  (Short for bear elf.  Geddit?).  Well, anyway my Mom would never let me play with him, and it was totally unfair since he was the snuggliest little Belf ever!  “Decorations are NOT for sleeping with, Faete.”  She would tell me.  Boo!  Even when I was 16-17 I would still try to “snatch” him from under the tree to play with.  No luck though.  She’d always catch me.  This year, I’m sure you’ve guessed it – Mom wrapped up Belf and gave him to me.  I almost cried.  She said it was the best .75 she had ever spent!  Lol! 🙂  It seriously made my day.  Presents are not about money to me.  They are about the thought that went into them, and honestly, this was the best thing I’ve gotten this year so far.  It was just so sentimental and wonderful. 

About 9PM (after a bit of family drama which I may go into at one point, but not yet) we drove back to my mother’s house to get some sleep. 

Day 4?  Coming Shortly! =^^=

6 thoughts on “Vacation Day 3

  1. I agree about presents. It’s so sad to me how some people worry more about the dollar amount of the gift, rather than the gift itself. Some of the best and most meaningful gifts are the silly little things, or the Belfs of little-*insert name here’s* past.

    *huggles* I’m sorry about the drama but I’m glad you had such a good time anyway!

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