Take Me To The Bingo Room

Or “In Which Kitty Learns To Gamble.”

I’m going to let you all in on a filthy dirty little secret of mine.  ::deep breath::

I actually enjoy playing bingo.  Yeah, I know!  That’s something old people do!  Nope, I used to play for money when I was a kid, at “kid’s bingo”.  I would win all the time too, because I was super fast and could watch twelve or fifteen cards when my “children opponents” could only watch three or six.  My mom always promised to bring me to “adult” bingo, but we never got around to it.  A few months ago we decided to make plans to go to go while we were visiting.

Before we went, we picked up my Aunt.  She ordered pizzas for us all (which were seriously the best pizzas I’ve eaten in a long while!) and then we went on the nice 1.5 hour drive to Mohegan.  And that is the short version of how I wound up at Mohegan Sun.  I was actually expecting it to not be any fun, except for the bingo.  Bingo itself is a five hour long ordeal, in case you wanted to know.  We got parked and as we were getting out of the car my mother informed me that as you gamble, waitresses come around to give you free liquor all night long.  Holy crap.  This was suddenly going to be extra fun! 

We got inside, and it was pretty big!  And also smoky!  I forgot you could smoke indoors in some public places still.  My mother had warned me ahead of time, so I wore my glasses there instead of my contacts.  Last thing I wanted was uncomfy allergy eyes for several hours.  Master Pravus gave me $5 to put into the slot machines, and on my first machine I won $15!  It was kind of awesome. 

The drink people came around, and I got my first drink.  I went to a different machine, and before long I won another $50!  I won another $30 at one point too, but I wound up putting all of the money back into the slot machines.  There were two reasons for this:  Firstly, the more drinks I drank, the better of an idea it seemed.  Secondly, slot machines are basically video games.  Being away from my video games, I was a bit “electronics starved”.  Lol. 🙂

About a half hour before bingo, Master Pravus brought me to the Bingo room and went off to go find food for us both.  Normally I would have gone with him, but I was getting tipsy and probably would have slowed things down a bit.  He came back with a big green salad for me, and some chicken fingers.  Wouldn’t you know it – while he went away to get himself something, I spilled BBQ sauce ALL over me.  I was too drunk to get up and get napkins (and it probably would have dripped worse had I tried!) and so I had to wait for my mom and aunt to show up and give me some tissues.  HA!

Bingo was a lot more complicated than I remember.  Even when I used to play “kids bingo” they had different shapes, there were lots of VERY complicated shaped at Mohegan bingo though.  I kept up, but some of it was kind of hard.  Actually, Master Pravus won!  He said it got a lot more fun when he won.  LMAO!  $350!  It would have been $700, but someone else called bingo too and they had to split it.  Still, that was quite a win!  After that, we didn’t really gamble much.  I think I put another $10 into a slot machine. 

We wound up getting home around midnight.  It was definitely fun and when we visit in another two years, I will definitely go back! ^^

2 thoughts on “Take Me To The Bingo Room

  1. Yah, Bingo can be fun, unless your the bingo caller, I worked for the local casino for almost 6 years as a bingo caller, before they found a reason to fire me. ah welll thats water under the bridge and another lifetime.

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