Vacation Day 4!

Saturday morning already?  Saturday morning was the first time we had to really decompress since we got there.  My parents pretty much left us alone and just let us relax.  I played a little bit of Tetris with my mom on her old school Nintendo.  We drank tea and had a bit of breakfast.  We were supposed to go get Sarumom’s xmas tree that morning, but last second she decided we didn’t have to.  Figues.

That afternoon we headed over to our old neighbor’s house.  I could NOT believe it!  They made us a full dinner!  How incredibly sweet is that?  They were the only people to cool for us, too.  ^^  They made us: roast beef, squash, roasted potatoes (which were the best potatoes either Master or me had ever had in our lives!), peas, rolls..  Omg!  And canolis for dessert!  I had never had a fresh canoli, and it was amazing.  Ellie had made them, and she put in chocolate chunks.  They were seriously to die for.  Master and me were just so moved that they went to so much trouble. 

We spent a bit of time there just relaxing, and Master and me had a serious BLAST just catching up.  It was the first time we’d seen Ellie since her hip got replaced, and she was honestly moving around a whole lot better than I had thought she would be.  You can tell that moving is still a major problem for her though.  Jack and Judy were just so happy and it was just lovely seeing them all.  We really missed them.  Unfortunately we had more plans for the night so we had to go by about 8PM.  But BOY did we have plans.

The plan was to meet our friend Lestat at his friend’s place.  We met two people (who I won’t name, since I don’t really know them..) and they were really nice.  Before we showed up we went to the nearest Dunkin’s AGAIN so that I could get yet another giant black tea.  Yeah.  I would never have been able to live without all this tea.  I would have gotten nowhere fast.  While we were getting tea we decided to stop by the local grocery store and pick up snacks.  Two of the people who were there we didn’t know, and we figured “who doesn’t like a person with snacks”.  We got two fridge packs of soda and a huge bag of smart food.

Lestat’s friend’s house was really chill and nice.  We just chatted about random shit for a while, and then I got caned!  As I type this nearly one week later, I stillhave marks on my ass.  Nice.  Before we played, I spent some time crawling on the ground by Lestat and Master’s feet.  I wish you could see what I could see from that angle.  Two smiling sexy men grining down on me and occasionally playing with my hair or rubbing my nose.  Telling me how pretty I was, or how obedient.  It’s little moments like that which seriously make me feel like I have the best life ever!

While Master and Lestat were playing with me, one of the people who was watching mentioned how obedient I was.  I beamed.  I always try so hard to be good, and to please – and when someone else notices it..  The feeling it just indescribable.   

The caning involved quite a bit of bastinado, and it’s funny how you just don’t feel it sneaking up on you.  I felt pain at the time when I was getting my feet caned, sure.  But, I didn’t realize I was actually getting hurt until I went to stand up.  It was not a big deal, and went away after a couple of minutes, but I couldn’t put any weight on my left foot at first.  I just sort of hubbled around for a few seconds.  Wowza!  <3

After the caning, we put on the new version of Alice In Wonderland, and I gave Lestat a long slow foot rub.  I even got to give someone else a foot rub too!  Knowing how big of a foot kink I’ve got, this was seriously the most perfect night for me.  On the way home I was glowing, and I kept just going on about how I “Got to rub FOUR feet!”.  ^^

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