Vacation Day 6

Monday Master and me put aside to spend specifically with my parents.  We were planning on going to the Garment District in Boston.  I used to love to go there before we moved, and there’s not really anything like it where we live now.  sad panda. 

We got up and got in the car, and Master drove with me and Sumomo as the co-pilot. We got there in about forty minutes, and me and my mom started digging around through the piles of clothes.  My Dad sat down on the benches and stared at us like we were crazy.  I looked over to Dad, and tried to motion him to come over and he rolled his eyes at me and shook his head.  Vigorously.  LOL!  Of all people, I thought he would enjoy digging through clothes the most.  Meanwhile, I think he thought I was off my bean.  Mom and me found a good chunk of things, and paid for our stuff before going upstairs.  I got a VERY pretty black dress with shiny beads on it that I seriously can’t wait to wear, but it’s really more of a summer dress. 

After we were done at the Garment District, we decided to bring Mom and Dad to Fire and Ice.  Fire and Ice is this Mongolian Grill, which is really cool.  You go in, and there is food all in the back of the restaurant.  You fill up a bowl, get some sauce, and bring it up to the grill.  The grill is usually interactive and fun, and then you go back to your table to eat it.  You can go up as much as you want.  We haven’t found anything like it in Colorado yet, (though we haven’t been looking TOO hard) so we wanted to go back and visit it.

We were disappointed!  In the time since we visited last (a bit over a year) they changed things during lunch.  We were there for lunch this time – but next time we’ll be sure to be there for dinner.  Instead of having you bring your food to the grill and have the grill be interactive and fun, they gave you a ticket.  The ticket has your name and table on it, and they bring the food to you after it’s done grilling.  Meaning – you spend a lot more time sitting in your seat.  Boo.  Luckily, my parents had never been so they thought the place was super cool!  Ha ha.  I love when little things like that work out.

After that we went home.  Master had plans to go see his brother for dinner.  I opted out of it because honestly, his brother has never been anything but mean to me in the past.  I’m not talking subtle meanness or rudeness either – flat out insults and blatant rude remarks about me constantly.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Not everyone is going to like you, but that doesn’t mean that I should subject myself to constant put-downs and insults.  I respect myself more than that.

While Master went out, me and my Mom just hung out and watched T.V.  I don’t watch much in the way of T.V. so she had fun showing me her favorite shows, and playing tetris with me intermittently when nothing was on.  I’ll tell you now – this was the best spirits I have seen my mother in since I arrived.  As I’ve blogged about before, she’s been really depressed lately for a myriad of reasons.  After spending the three or four hours watching T.V. with her, I really began to understand what my mother wants.  As heart breaking as this is, she wants a friend. 

Since my Dad has been ill, my Mother has had to step up and be something she never ever wanted or believed she was capable of doing – she had to be a caretaker, the head of the household, and make all the decisions with no input from anyone whatsoever.  She never wanted this.  I understand that life is unfair and we all have to suck up our problems, but I feel for my mother more than I did before now.  My Dad does not understand T.V. anymore, because everyone talks to fast, so they can’t even just watch T.V. or anything.  On top of that, my father can’t figure out how to play tetris on the T.V. as opposed to his Game Boy.  Yes.  He still has a Game Boy.  I really saw a different person in my mother while I was there laughing with her and relaxing.  I think that is something she hasn’t had in a long time.

When Master came home around 9, oh BOY did he have something to tell me.  His brother seems to have changed dramatically.  He was really sorry I didn’t show up.  Him and his wife had chosen the number one vegan restaurant in the area to bring us, knowing I prefer eating vegan.  (Though I always make due wherever we go.)  Not only that, but he had purchased the Veganomicon for me for xmas.  I’ve been wanting that book for almost two years now, but keep not getting it for one reason or another.  It was just so strange, him acting like that.  Master says “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  Maybe that’s true.  Maybe we should be absent more often.  ::giggle::  Master got gold cuff links, and a gift card to Men’s Wearhouse worth $150.  His brother wanted to help him buy new clothes since he has lost half his weight.  That was so sweet.  Master said they had a really great time, and I promised to go next time if he is really going to be that pleasant.  Ha. 

When Master got home, I asked him to bring me out to get a quick burger.  Much as fast food makes me feel squicky for the most part – my mother keeps NO food in her house.  Literally, I had to choose between Cheez-its, or Cheez-its.  No offense to those who like Cheez-its.  I don’t mind them on occasion.  To me though, they aren’t dinner.  No joke, my mother eats Cheez-its for dinner every night.  She just brings the box in front of the T.V. and that’s her meal.  Ugh.  We got home in record time, and Master and me went to bed.

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