Vacation Day 7

We had to get up early on Day 7.  It was the last day of our vacation, and we had gotten a phone call from a friend who really, really wanted to hang out and didn’t have to work that morning.  So of course we said yes, and hopped into the car to get to Deisel Cafe.  I’d never been there before, but Master had, so he knew where we were going.  I was thrilled to find out that Deisel Cafe had food, because as I said in my previous post the only choice I had at my mother’s house was: snack crackers or snack crackers.  Ha! 

Master asked me if there was something special I wanted (because normally he just picks for me, but will occasionally let me choose) and I said I’d love a tea, vegan chocolate muffin, and he asked if I’d eat a ham and cheese croissant.  I said I would.  We got to the register, and Master ordered the chocolate muffin, but he decided to get me a hot chocolate instead.  The woman at the counter asked me what size I would like, and at the exact time as I said “Small” Master said “Large!”  I was totally shocked because that seemed like an insane amount of hot chocolate.  Master ordered himself and me each a ham and cheese croissant too.  We brought the food over to a table, and I was delightfully surprised at how tasty the hot chocolate was!  I guess Master does always know best.  To reiterate:  delicious.  We didn’t realize the ham and cheese croissants would have cold ham and cheese in them, but they were pretty good.  We both ate them while we waited.

The chocolate chip muffin was too much food, and I didn’t manage to get through much of it at all, but it worked out because I ate it for breakfast the next morning.  SO good, even next day.  Our friend showed up super late, and we wound up having less than an hour to hang with her, but it was really really nice to just be able to catch up.  It’d definitely been way too long. 

After we left Deisel, we decided to go to one of our favorite places:  The Bostom Museum Of Science.  When we lived in Boston, we used to be members!  We’d go at least once per month, and sometimes more.  Master loved to read all the descriptions and see everything, and I like that stuff too – but my favorite thing is to play with all the interactive stuff!  The museum had a lot of things which were there when we were there last, but it also had a lot of new cool exhibits.  Master had a lot of fun looking at fossils and dinosaurs.  He loves dinosaurs.  <3 

We left the museum with enough time to spare to go get me another big black tea before going to meet our friends for Chinese food that night.  We were expecting at least fifteen people, possibly up to twenty and wanted to be there first.  We were, but everyone started showing up maybe ten minutes after we got there.  While we were waiting Master ordered me a scorpion bowl, and the waitress hassled me!  This is getting old.  I understand that if I forget my ID that you can’t just give me liquor.  I KNOW I look underage.  The waitress was sure I had a fake ID though.  “Oh, this isn’t your face!  This is someone else!”  Ugh.  Master finally convinced her by saying:  “Look, how many people wear a steel collar like that?”  The woman reluctantly gave in, and I got my drink.

Let me just say that I finished every drop of that scorpion bowl.  With people hemming and hawing about how it was a “weak” drink anyway.  Forget that noise!  I had a MAJOR headache about an hour after we left the restaurant.  Oh well.  While we were there we saw a LOT of people that we hadn’t seen in a long time.  It was wonderful catching up with them all!  With fifteen people actually showing up, it was hard to chat with everyone, but we tried.  Dinner was good, but at this point, I was starting to get sick of Chinese food.  This was our third time since being on vacation after all.  They don’t make it like that in Colorado though, so I figure by the time we go back to visit we’ll be ready for more.  (That’ll be two years from now!)

We were supposed to go hang out with Lestat some more that night, and I really wished I could have, but I had to admit I had drunk a bit too much.  Master dropped me off at my parents house and then went back out on his own to see Lestat.  I guess they had a nice time, but I wish I could have gone too.  🙁  It’s definitely better that I didn’t though because at some point in the night I woke up feeling really sick.  I didn’t vomit, but I just felt ill.  >.<  Bad kitty has learned.  No drinking a scorpion bowl alone next time.

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