12/22/2010 Update

"Master! My paws are almost as big as the dinosaur!"

Master took that picture of me when we were at the Museum of Science in Boston. I’ve got a bunch of pictures from vacation that I’ve still got to upload.  Eek.  Will catch up on everything soon. 🙂

Things have been stressful for both Master and me lately.  Master’s work has been getting more and more stressful, and people are going on vacation for the week of xmas, leaving him and only a couple other people to work on projects.  I try to make things fun and happy for him when he gets home by doing things like: laying out his pajamas, making him tea, trying to be a purry kitty for him, etc.  I just want the house to be a really stress-free zone for him for when he is here.  Not that I don’t always try to do these things, but I’ve been trying to “go the extra mile” so to speak lately.  Unfortunately, he is going to have the on-call phone for xmas weekend.  This means a minimum of four hours of work per day while he has it, and it’s usually longer.  It’s a total bummer, but this happened to us last year so we’ll make the most of it. 

I’ve personally been under the weather lately.  I’m not sure what’s wrong, but all my muscles are so stiff, sore, and achy.  I’m so tired, and I just feel like crap.  Every workout I do seems to only add to it, and I never seem to recover from my workouts.  With the exception of physical therapy – I’m not really doing much differently in the way of my workouts, so I am doubting it is them.  I am still taking one day off per week from exercising.  Master thinks I’m getting a flu or a bug of some kind.  I’m personally hoping its just stress and will go away in a few days.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  The last thing I want to deal with is a bug right before the holidays. 

Physical Therapy has been interesting.  On day one, the physical therapist gave me a full knee exam, and we discovered that one of my legs is slightly longer than the other.  He says this could definitely be why I am having problems jogging suddenly.  My knee cap is also out of alignment, so we’re working on getting it back into place.  Up until last week, I had no complaints about physical therapy but after leaving, I suddenly had pain walking on my knee.  The pain has continued, and I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t really want to go today now.  He had me jumping last time, and I think that’s what bothered my knee.  I’ll mention it to him (of course) and see what he says.  I hate when progress gets slowed though.  Jogging was one of my biggest stress relievers, and right now I am not allowed to do it.  I’m only on week two of a six week physical therapy program though, so I’m sure it’ll get better.  I’m just crabby about my knee hurting right now. 

On a funny side note, I wear my ears everywhere (which you should know, if you read my blog at all), and my physical therapist pretends I’m not wearing them!  It’s so weird to me!  Usually I get a smile or a chuckle out of people I talk to.  This is cool though.  Never once has he asked me to explain why I always wear them or anything like that.  Master says he might be too nervous about offending me.  I had to giggle!

Tonight we’re going to go shopping for xmas dinner! 🙂  I’m so excited, it should be fun.  Master and me sat down and planned a few things that each of us wanted to have.  What a spread we have planned.  He he.  I am willing to bet we’ll be eating leftovers for a week after.

8 thoughts on “12/22/2010 Update

  1. Happy holidays Kitty!!! I don’t believe in xmas (im the only one that doesn’t, Master kinda believes) but I do the present thing and dinner/lunch with family 🙂 so I say Happy Holidays lol. Master has to work through xmas as well and I have to leave him to visit my sister in NT but my family and I are having a big eve dinner for him 🙂 Hope you get better soon!

    1. @MomoNoHanna Happy Holidays to you as well! I don’t “believe” in xmas either, so to speak. As an atheist religion isn’t my thing. Master and me just celebrate for the presents, 100%! Lol. Silly, I know. I hope your holiday goes well too. 🙂

  2. hi babe! I am so sorry I haven’t made it by lately..(yes, i always am slacking lol but this time it has just been extra bad!)
    I hope you had a n excellent holiday! I have been having horrid female issues and I have been spending most of the last few days in bed.
    christmas was great though.and I loved your card 🙂

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