If You Have A Hitachi, You’ll Be Needing One Of These

Hitachi Magic Wand and Controller

What if I told you that there was a way for you to improve your Hitachi Magic Wand?  I know, the Hitachi lovers among us are saying “There IS NO way to improve a Hitachi.”  And also:  “Hey!  The Hitachi is a perfect piece of plastic, something that makes me cum in under one minute, and how DARE you suggest it need improvement.”  Some of you who are total Hitachi skeptics are saying things like “Ugh, the Hitachi.  That thing will wear out your clit so you have no sensation!” (Which, for the record, has never happened to me, though I’ve used this toy plenty).  Or even “My clit is WAY too sensitive for that toy!”  Ooh, boy.  You are all officially wrong.

For me the Hitachi was always a great toy, but it had its limitations.  I found that both settings (it only has two) were way too strong for me, and in order to get any use out of the Hitachi I’d have to hold it so it was just barely touching my clit.  It also would take me a good twenty or thirty minutes to really get an orgasm out of the toy, because it was way too strong for me to just settle into and enjoy.  The only reason I loved the toy so much (despite all the time it takes me to have an orgasm from it) is because I have the longest orgasms with the Hitachi than I do with any other toy.  My orgasms can sometimes last for almost an entire minute with Alistair (what, don’t you name YOUR toys?), which is a whole lot of pure ecstasy.  I had to be careful though, because if I didn’t plug the toy into the outlet closest to the bed (or use an extension cord) then the six feet of cord were not long enough to reach most other places.

Enter, the Wand Controller.  The Wand Controller is the best toy that I have found in a long time, and that is certainly saying something.  The wand controller is a simple little device that really just does its job well, and makes playing with the Hitachi a much better experience for all involved.  All you need to do is plug it into the wall, then plug the Hitachi into the other end of the device.  Now, turn the wand controller to “On”, and then turn the Hitachi to either “Low” or “High”.  The wand controller will give your Hitachi a whole lot more variation in speeds, letting you feel that deep Hitachi “rumble” at an easier to take (or higher if you prefer!) setting.  It’s just wonderful because now you can start off low, and turn the speed up as you go.

The wand controller has really helped me get a lot more enjoyment out of the time I’ve spent with my Hitachi.  I now want to use it a lot more often, and I really like being able to lower the settings to something that is less intense while still giving me deep throbby sensations.  I also LOVE that the wand controller gives me an additional six feet of cord.  Now, I have twelve feet of cord wherever I plug my Hitachi in, which means that I don’t have problems reaching anywhere I want my toy to go anymore.

This little accessory is a MUST for anyone who owns a Hitachi.  It’s just the best little invention since sliced bread.  5 much more enjoyable paws!

Thank you so much, Babeland, for allowing me to try out the wand controller in exchange for an honest and fair review!

19 thoughts on “If You Have A Hitachi, You’ll Be Needing One Of These

  1. Hmmm, GV used to sell this black box you would plug into the wall and then plug your Magic Wand into. Iirc it was meant to do something similar or to give the vibrations more variety.
    I was honestly too scared to use it. *laughs* It wasn’t UL listed and I was afraid I’d burn the house down or shock myself.
    I have no idea why I shared that :).

    1. @Lada MacManus 🙂 Lol! That’s a cute story. GV might have one too, I’m not sure. I do know that it is seriously a major Hitachi improvement though. It’s pretty easy to use, I don’t think you could burn the house down. 😉

  2. Want want want want want! Also thanks for sharing that your clit still has sensation- despite knowing better, I always have a little fear at the back of my mind that I’ll buzz mine right off!

    1. @Kate I’m glad it helped you! I’ve heard a lot of women are scared of the Hitachi. There’s no reason to be now! 🙂 Honestly, I keep the box on the lowest setting it allows, and that’s always more than enough for me. 🙂 I am in LOVE!

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