The Dick Stick

When I first got a sex toy, it was a vibrator.  I’ve always been fond of vibrators and at first, I had a hard time enjoying dildos.  Dildos were fun, but only after I’d gotten myself very worked up and excited.  I also only came clitorally at first.  As time goes on, I’m preferring dildos to vibrators (although I still love vibes!) and I am starting to really experience internal orgasms as well.  This has been quite a fun discovery for Master and me.

We’ve also been going through the extended Lord Of The Rings movies, which is fun, and in some weird way probably what inspired our latest contraption, hereby known as the “Dick Stick.”

The Dick Stick

There it is!  The Dick Stick is a (AFF) Tantus Goddess dildo, atop a wooden dowel rod.  The dowel rod we got from the local craft shop for $1.98, and lucky me won the Tantus Goddess in a contest!  The dildo arrived and I hadn’t done any previous research on it at all, really.  I had no idea it was a dildo with a hole in the bottom where you insert a bullet.  When I took it out of the package, Master and me were excited because the toy itself looked like a lot of fun, and we’re both huge fans of Tantus.

You don’t need the Tantus Goddess dildo to make your own dick stick.  You just need any dildo which has a hole in the bottom for a bullet vibe.  At the moment, this is the only one I have experience with, but man.  This is seriously the best invention ever.  I measured the bottom of the dildo, and found that a .75″ dowel rod would fit perfectly.  Then, all I did was shove the stick into the toy.  The toy stays on with NO problem, and you can still remove it for cleaning, etc.  There’s no glue or anything of the sort holding the dick to the stick.

A Close-Up of the Dick Stick. 🙂

Master likes to pick up the Dick Stick at odd times, and chase me around the house with it, poking and proding me here and there.  He also likes to pick it up and pretend he’s about to throw it like a javelin.  When it comes to actual sex, I will say that my cunt is dripping wet thinking about the things that we have done with this toy.  For one, the long handle makes it easier on Master if he wants to pound me with a toy, since there is more to hold onto and use as leverage.  It also adds a bit of humiliation, since he can fuck me with it without even touching me.

One thing which I did not expect to happen with this toy is that I find it to be much more humiliating when Master tells me to kiss it.  I have not yet figured out why.  He usually tells me to kiss my toys before and after use, so why the Dick Stick makes me feel humiliated when I do this is beyond me.  I’m not entirely sure if it has something to do with the fact that I find the stick itself just a little bit humiliating, or if it is because it is a new toy for me.  I think, in time, the stick will have zero humiliation factor for me, just like every other thing which humiliated me in the beginning but doesn’t now.  Either way, who knew something so simple could be so much fun?

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