“Ki” To My “G” (Spot, That Is)

First of all, I just want to give a major shout-out to the fantastic people over at Babeland for letting me try out my very first luxury vibrator.  The GKi is an amazing little toy, and I hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as me and Master do.

Je Joue G-Ki, Here’s the box it comes in.

First of all, the box that the toy comes in is just so lovely.  It is true that it is made from cardboard, but the box is sturdy and I love the elegant little ribbon on the front.  The box doesn’t lock or anything, the only way to open/close it is with that ribbon, so if you have little ones or room mates about who are nosy, then you may not want to keep this out in the open.  We keep this toy out in its box all the time since we’ve no room mates and just love the look of the box.  My picture does not do the box (or the toy in general, unfortunately) justice at all.

A view of the toy in the box.

When you gently open your box, this is the view you’ll get.  The 9″ by 1.3/4″ G-Ki fits in there elegantly and with a small “click” you’ll know it’s in securely, should you choose to use this box as your storage case.  Over to the left, if you look closely you’ll see a small ribbon hanging out.  If you lift up on that ribbon, the top part of the box will pull right up, and you’ll be able to get to the recharge pack.

Recharge pack

The G-Ki does not take batteries.  It is one of the few vibrators out there which recharges.  Not only that, but it uses click and charge technology, which I think is pretty cool.  One end of the charge pack is the plug.  The other end is a funny looking piece with two metal “points”.  Conveniently enough, the G-Ki has two metal “points” on its front as well.

A view of the G-Ki’s buttons.

What you’re going to do, is simply place the recharge pack’s metal points over the same metal buttons which are on the G-Ki.  Since they are magnetic, they’ll stick without any problem.

This is what your G-Ki should look like when you’ve got the metal points all attached.

When the G-Ki is charging, you will see a red light flashing.  When it is full, the light will turn solid red.  It is supposed to take two hours to charge completely, but I honestly just threw it on the charger to juice up right before bed the first time I got it, and I have not needed to recharge it sense.  The G-Ki is supposed to last about two hours with that charge, but as I’ve not had to recharge it yet after several uses, I’m not sure how long it will last.  It’s also pretty hard to keep track of how long you’ve been playing when you’re using a toy as distracting as this.

The secret to why the G-Ki works so well, is its amazing adjustability!

This matte-finish silicone toy works amazingly well, and the reason why is those two little buttons you see above.  They are kind of hard to see, but they allow full customization of your toy.  What you do is simply hold down the button with one hand, and use your other hand to adjust the position you want your toy to be in.  There are three positions each button can adjust to, so experiment and have fun.  Just to show you, all of the pictures above have the G-Ki on its “neutral” setting.  Here is a picture of the G-Ki as curved as I can get it:

As curved as the G-Ki will go. It looks almost like a candy cane, doesn’t it?

Whether or not your g-spot is deep or shallow, this is really the only tool you need to reach it.  The silicone is firm, yet yielding, and completely sterilizable.  You will not want to boil the G-Ki, due to the motor inside, but you can use a 10% bleach solution if you like.  A toy cleaner, mild or antibacterial soap and water should do the trick too.  You should only use water-based lubricants on your toy, because silicone will unfortunately degrade the material!  Another amazing feat of the G-Ki?  It is waterproof.  There is no way for water to get inside, so this toy is great in either the bath or shower.  Submerge it completely, and with full confidence.

One majorly fun thing about the G-Ki is that you can adjust it to hit your g-spot andyour clitoris at the same time.  Then, you can use a rocking motion to hit your g-spot while stimulating your clit.  If you’re like me, and you need a bit of clitoral stimulation to go over the edge, then you will love this.  The G-Ki is phthalates free, tasteless, odorless, and I truly am in love.  The only negative thing I can think to mention about it is that it does attract dust and hair.  This means you’ll likely want to wash it both before and after you play with it, to be sure there’s no dust.  Every girl should own one.

The G-Ki is also thin enough that I can use it on my clitoris at the same time as I am having sex, (or am tied up in awkward yet fun positions) with no problem.  It’s soft and we have yet to run into an instance in which its deep vibrations caused a problem.  The toy has five modes, and it can easily be turned on by pressing the top button and holding it down.  You can turn it off by pressing and holding the bottom button.  There are five modes of vibration to cycle through.  The buttons you use to turn the toy on and off are also the same ones you will use to charge the toy with.

If for some reason something goes wrong with your toy, you have a full one year warranty on it!  This is amazing, and I have only ever owned one other toy which had a warranty like that.  This gives you extra confidence that you’re getting an amazing device.

I am giving the G-Ki 5 very happy paws:

Thank you so much, again, Babeland – for allowing me to try out this amazing toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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