Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Vacation

This past weekend, LostMaverick came to visit all the way from snowy South Carolina. Warning:  Maverick is a *friend* only and this will be a very vanilla post.  If you were looking for kinky, stay tuned for my next post. 😉

Anyway, the night before he arrived I made him a sign for in the airport.  I held up the sign, but unfortunately he didn’t see me. 🙁  We called him on his cell a while later, and it turned out that he had totally missed us and was at baggage claim already.

How could he have missed this sign? 😉

We got out of there, and dropped some things off at home before heading to Casa Bonita!  Yes, just like in South Park, and YES it looks exactly like it did in the cartoon too.  Maverick couldn’t pass up the chance to go after seeing it in South Park.  The food wasn’t really my thing, or Master’s – but Maverick liked it.  I totally filled up on chips and salsa.  Oh, and a couple of alcoholic drinks.

Right. You think Apple Pig would have let me live going to Casa Bonita without him down? I think not..
Maverick and me, on the bottom level, near where the cliff divers land. Yeah. There ARE cliff divers! 🙂

The rest of that day was a blur, I know we went to the arcade, but I had two alcoholic drinks, and everything got a bit fuzzy.  They should put warnings on that thing or something.  *AHEM*

Making cookies with Maverick! 😀
We went out for ice cream.. Twice. And, I still have some ice cream in my freezer to prove it.
We went bowling.. And the smallest ball they had was a 7 pounder. I wound up bowling between my legs most of the night. Which is a shame, because I'm amazing with SMALL bowling balls. >.<

We played a LOT of Mario, watched Krod Mandoon, a couple movies and just had a ton of fun.  When Monday morning rolled around, I seriously could not believe it was all over. 🙁  Maverick, you’re welcome back anytime!  <3 

Master and me can’t wait to go see Maverick in his home town.

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