The Most Terrifying Night Of My Life

Sunday night, while Joe was visiting, Master felt suddenly sick and dizzy.  He decided to go lay down for a few hours while Joe and me watched Kung Pow, and then he felt much better and got up and we played Mario for a bit.  It’s not like Master to have to go lay down, so I thought that maybe he was starting to get sick again or something. 

Monday came, and Master didn’t get dizzy again so neither of us thought anything of it.  We figured maybe Sunday was a fluke.  Then, at work on Tuesday Master started feeling sick again.  He  tweeted to me that everything was getting spinny and he didn’t feel well.  I tweeted back that maybe he should come home, and I’d take care of him.  We both thought maybe he had an ear infection or the flu, thus the extreme dizziness. 

When he got through the door, he went to lay down and I decided to call the doctor.  If he had an ear infection, I figured they could give him an antibiotic or something and he’d be better soon.  The only appointment they had was two hours from the time he got home, so I just tried to get him water and anything he wanted (which wasn’t much) while he just laid down.

Time to get Master up and bring him to the doctor’s office came, and he was pretty unsteady.  He would bump into things and have a bit of a hard time getting out the door.  We got to the doctor’s office, and they decided to do an EKG.  The EKG showed an atrial flutter.  I had no idea what that meant, but the doctor explained that this meant that one of Master’s valves was pumping too fast, making Master dizzy.  I panicked immediately, and the doctor said it was very treatable.  The next thing she said scared the dickens out of me.  She told me that Master’s heart beat was not stable and we needed to bring him to the Emergency Room to make sure he would not have, or didn’t have (on Sunday) a heart attack.  She said that the flutter itself was easily treated with medication, but we had to be sure so he had to go to the E.R.

Freeze Frame.

In my hands, I am holding a copy of Master’s EKG which says something is wrong with the way his heart beats.  Master’s father died of a heart attack.  Master’s whole family has a history of heart disease and lots of people in Master’s family have died of heart attacks.  I honestly do not know how to describe the fear that was running through me, especially after talking with the doctor just moments ago.  I didn’t know what to do.  I panicked and started crying.  I cannot imagine my life without Master.  He is the most important person in the world to me, and I would be absolutely lost without him.

Waiting with Master in the ER. It was cold, so he let me wear his jacket.

We got to the ER, and they checked Master in.  It took a couple hours for them to determine that Master’s EKG from the doctor’s office was completely false.  Their machine may need a tune up.  (As a side note, what an expensive way to find this out.  Going to the ER is a $150 co-pay for us.  So a false alarm is not only obnoxious, scary, but totally expensive and uncool).  We were both incredibly relieved that Master’s heart was fine.  After all, Master had no numbness in his arm, or pain in his chest, or rapid heart beats or anything.  We only thought something was wrong with his heart because the doctor decided to do an EKG and their machine was wrong.  Ugh.

Since we were there anyway, they asked us why Master had gone to the doctor’s office, and when we explained about the dizziness they did a chest x-ray, looked in his ears, and did an MRI.  Everything came back normal, so they decided he was having vertigo and sent us home with a prescription for anti-dizzy pills, and a note for time off work yesterday and today. 

After the ER, Master decided he wanted fast food for dinner, since we had been there over five hours.  It was also after 8:30PM, so we picked up some food, went home, ate it, and had a nice warm tubbie together.  What a stressful day, but I am completely relieved that he is OK.  Vertigo is something we can handle, as miserable as it is. 


7 thoughts on “The Most Terrifying Night Of My Life

  1. Thank goodness! You seemed to be holding up admirably, at least via twitter kitty cat. Hurray for Macula Pravus being ok! And darn that EKG machine. I’ve had to deal with those lately myself

    1. Thanks @Faydreh I definitely didn’t feel like I was holding up admirably. It seriously helped having all the support from friends on Twitter. 🙂 Sorry to hear you’ve been dealing with EKGs, I really hope its nothing serious.

  2. Oh, honey, What a horrible scare! I get so scared when My Man gets sick. I know I can handle it when I get sick, but I love him so much it scares me so much when he’s the one who is sick. You just feel so helpless. You want to help him and “cure” him and it’s a sad and scary feeling.

    That doctor should have paid your co-pay. But, they never do admit their mistakes., or take responsibility for them. (Maybe doctors should take a lesson from us subs. :))

    I’m glad your M. is OK, though.

    I’m thinking of the both of you and good thoughts for your health.

    Hugs and Love,


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