The Toy That Got A Second Chance

Raspberry Wave, oh let me count the ways that I wanted to hate you.  The first time I used the Raspberry Wave from the fabulous people over at GoodVibes, I had no fun and actually felt a bit hurt (physically).  After that, I really was ready to throw in the towel vibrator and give up on this one.  I actually was in pain for quite a while after using it (and not he good kind of pain either)!  As much as I didn’t really want to try again with it, I decided to.  After all, every vibrator deserves a second chance.

Our first mistake, with this mammoth vibrator (it is 7″ insertable length, and is 3/8″ wide) was trying to use it from behind.  For me, the curve of the bumps made it too uncomfortable for that, and I was just pretty miserable.  I squealed in pain, and Master Pravus stopped trying to use it that way.  The bumps just made it really clunky from that position, and the toy just did not want to go in.

Raspberry Wave

The second thing we did wrong with this toy is to not apply any lube.  I’m generally very wet, and we usually only use lube for anal play.  This toy is a bit awkwardly shaped though and a bit bigger than I’m used to taking (which I think is mainly due to the shape of the bumps) so this is one of those toys which you’re going to want to apply at least a bit of lube even if you are already super wet, prior to use.

When I got down to actually using this toy on my own, I had a much easier time with it.  I took my time, went slowly, and used a lot of lube.  I also was on my back with a few pillows propped up under my legs to help get my hips in an optimal g-spotting position.  I really loved the feeling of being able to slowly and carefully rub the ridges over my g-spot, but I do not see this as a “rough and tumble” sort of toy. Not for me, anyway.  This is the sort of toy you want to take out when you’re planning on a careful g-spotting session.  The curve of the tip “caught” my g-spot easily, and it was easy to get the right amount of pressure where I wanted it.

The Raspberry Wave is made from ABS plastic, so you can use a 10% bleach solution, toy cleaner, or mild soap and water if you like.  Despite it being advertised as waterproof, mine definitely isn’t, so I didn’t bother to submerge it.  Mine has a bit of a loose cap on the end.  It doesn’t affect play at all, but I don’t think you should put this one in water.  There are other toys out there which are more reliable for that purpose.

While I totally love this toy, you should definitely be careful using it from behind or without enough lube.  I’m giving it 4 paws, and I hope you’ll check it out at

Thank you, GoodVibes, for letting me try out the Raspberry Wave in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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