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The wonderful adult toys store MyPleasure.com recently sent me the book *Tickle His Pickle to review.  It is a small, pocket-sized softcover book which I think will cover a wide range of experience levels.  Whether you’ve never seen a penis before, are a bit penis-squeemish, or you think you know it all, this book will give you something to think about.

The first few chapters of the book give you a run-down of male anatomy, and what things are called.  There are pictures and diagrams to help you figure out what’s what.  Dr. Sadie Allison uses clever and fun terminology to make the penis seem more accessible to those who are a bit apprehensive.  She talks about things which might be a turn off (like watching porn, or swallowing) and presents them in a non-threatening way.

Dr. Sadie Allison puts things into perspective, and if you still feel nervous or do not want to do something, she gives you the permission to say “you know what, I don’t want to do that, and that’s OK.”  She reminds you constantly that the ball (he he) is in your court.  This is something you should both enjoy, and there is no need for anyone’s boundaries to be crossed.  I absolutely love that about this book.  It is friendly, informative, and you don’t have to feel like you’re being pushed into anything.

The book has lots of pictures with fun looking cartoon women doing the techniques she suggests in her book.  There are so many different kinds of strokes and techniques in this book that I didn’t even think about or hear about before.  She gives you ideas for what to do if you’re pierced, if he’s not circumcised, and even what to do if he is pierced.

She goes into detail about how to pleasure your man’s backdoor, taint, and balls.  She teaches you how to use different vibrators on him, as well as what lubes work best for what.  She even gives helpful deep throating advice.  I was totally blown away by the sheer volume of knowledge in this book.

I did have a couple things about this book which bothered me though.  For one, this book is written with a definite heterosexual slant.  All the pictures and text in the book are of women giving oral sex, or overall penis pleasing to a man.  While it is true that all of these techniques could also be used by a homosexual couple, this book isn’t written with diversity in mind.  If you’re a homosexual man, you’re going to run into constant woman to woman talk.

Another thing which bothered me about this book is that I found a couple errors which could run you into trouble if you actually followed through with them.  Firstly:  it is very important to never, ever flush a condom down the toilet.  This will most definitely lead to a clogging of your pipes or a septic system, which could cost you lots of money to fix.

Also:  while it is true that you can use saran wrap in a pinch instead of a dental dam, Dr. Sadie neglects to mention that you must be sure you are using non-microwavable saran wrap. Microwavable saran wrap has pores which can transmit STI.  So, please be careful.

Those few things aside, I would really recommend this book.  I think it is great for the nervous beginner, but even if you’ve been pleasing “pickles” for a long time, there’s at least a few strokes and techniques for you to pick up on.  4 Pickle-y paws for this one.

Thanks so much, My Pleasure, for allowing me to try out this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

*NOTE: Since MyPleasure no longer carries a copy of the book, the link above is to a free PDF copy of Tickle His Pickle. Enjoy!

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