Playtime with jenpet and Masterofslavej

*****I would like to preface this with a bit of a disclaimer.  The only reason why I am able to write with such detail on this particular post is that we took about 150+ photos, and almost 2 hours of video.  As I’ve mentioned before, when I get into sub space, I have a hard time remembering the things that happened and in what order.  A bunch of details are still fuzzy, but I re-watched a lot of the video, and have perved the pictures several times.  Do not expect most of my future scenes to be written in such detail. 

Please also be warned that this will be a picture heavy post, but it will only include either solo pictures or pictures of me and Master.  If you’d like to see the pictures of me and the beautiful jenpet, or her wonderful Master Masterofslavej, please check out my fetlife profile.  My fetlife username is Faete.  *****

As I write this, my cunt is still dripping wet and a bit raw and sore.  My nipples are still weeping, and my thigh, ass, and tits still bruised, and I have a hickey from Masterofslavej.  The hickey is light, and basically only teeth marks.  However, it is noticeable enough that I am positive that my physical therapist is going to notice in a few hours.  My mind is in sub-drop, and I’m having a hard time getting back to normal life.  I keep forgetting little things like feeding myself and drinking water, but am getting better at it.  This blog is taking a lot longer to write than normal ones, and I am guessing it will not be ready to publish until a few hours afterI get back from physical therapy.  Scening with jenpet and her Master was the longest scene that I have been in ever, and I am positively glowing from the sheer fun and pleasure we all experienced.

From the beginning of the night. I was on the porch holding Master and Masterofslavej’s drinks, and Master was letting me suck on his fingers. I am quite orally fixated. 🙂

A few months ago, right before I left on vacation to see my family – Masterofslavej emailed me.  We took things very slow and spent a lot of time emailing back and fourth to get an idea of what each couple was looking for.  Neither of us wanted to overstep any bounds or make any assumptions.  After we got back from vacation, we made plans to go out for coffee (and pancakes!) and chat.  It wasn’t until we got into the car and realized that we had spent four hours eating pancakes and chatting that we realized that no matter what we all got along well enough to be friends at the very least.  A few weeks later, we decided to make plans to play.  We decided to host at our place.

Me, on the porch, showing jenpet the pose “Nadu” that Master has me do all the time. We are NOT Gorean, but Master has taught me many Gorean poses, since he thinks they are pretty.

The day we were planning on playing, I was also waiting for a package to arrive.  They called us to say they were in Denver, and would arrive soon.  I checked my email about ten minutes after that and it turned out I had a package waiting for me at the postal center.  Master and me thought that we’d have time to go get it if we took the car, since it’s a five minute drive.  We got in the car, started driving, and halfway there we saw jenpet and her Master pull up in their car.  I’m sure they thought we were deserting.  We giggled a bit, and said we’d be back in two minutes.  Kind of a funny way to start things off, but I hope it didn’t come across as not being eager to see them.  Because we were.

Kneeling in nadu for Master to come back to his chair, while holding the g-clips he asked me to fetch.

We all got inside the house, and Master phoned in for pizza.  Master left me and Masterofslavej at the house, and took jenpet and Apple Pig to get the pizza.  (I know this will sound ridiculous, but Apple Pig keeps the pizza 10,000 times warmer than if we don’t bring him.  Go figure).  When they got back we ate dinner, and then the fun began.  From here on out, things did get a bit fuzzy.

I love this picture of Master and me. We are both so happy, and of course, why shouldn’t we be.

I honestly can’t tell you what happened in what order, but I can tell you what happened.  I can tell you some of the beginning things which happened in the right order.  We started off with me and jenpet kissing.  Soft, tender, tasty, candy-like girl kisses while jenpet’s chain was tied to the O ring on my collar.  Master added a g-clip to our nipples, so that whenever me or jenpet moved, the other felt a bit of pain.  I could not resist moving a bit.  The night had just begun, and my nipples were aching for a bit of pain.  Master and Masterofslavej spent their time at this point doing a bit of groping, and a lot of telling us both how lovely we looked together.  After a while, both jenpet and me were having our legs go to sleep, so they moved us into different positions.

A very, very happy kitty.

I spent quite a bit of time in the beginning being told to rub and make jenpet’s feet feel good.  Having a huge foot kink, you couldn’t have picked a better thing to start things off with.  <3  The bulk of the night I was with Masterofslavej, and Master was with jenpet, although there were definitely times where they put me and jenpet together, or one dominant “babysat” the both of us.  I had a very, very fun time, but I do feel a bit self conscious about some mistakes I made.

At one point, Masterofslavej was trying to figure out how deep into sub space I was, and if I could still communicate if any problems were happening. He gave me a math problem, with this being the result.

At one point, Masterofslavej was fingering my pussy pretty hard.  It felt amazing, but at one point, I could feel myself squirting.  He kept pounding, and I kept squirting.  I felt myself squirt to my knees (because my knees were getting wet).  I do not know why – I cannot put it into words, but squirting comes with a great sense of shame for me.  I don’t know anyone else who feels like this, and I still have been unable to let go of that horrible feeling of shame when I squirt.  It isn’t something that I can prevent at all, and I don’t usually even know I’m squirting until Master points it out to me, or someone else says something, or I can feel it drizzling down my leg or hitting my knee or something.  Instead of being a good girl and letting it go, for some reason I kept making jokes about it.  I think it goes back to my bad habit of making fun of something about myself that I think is wrong before someone else does.  I know it’s a coping mechanism.  I know it is an UGLY coping mechanism.  No one has ever told me I was a bad girl for squirting, but I just hate when I get all self-conscious like that.  I am going to try even harder in the future to be a good kitty and not say anything about my squirting.  After all, NO ONE told me that I was gross, or disgusting, or that because I squirt I am these things, but for some reason I feel gross and disgusting and ugly when I squirt.  And I hate that about myself.

One of my breasts, shortly after the bindings were released.

I will say this, when Masterofslavej was finger fucking me, and I was squirting up a storm, I nearly came.  I have never been able to cum before without clit stimulation, so this was pretty amazing to me.  I think about ten more seconds pounding on my g-spot might have thrown me over.  I’m shocked at how my orgasms evolve over time, and I’m excited to experiment with cuming without clit stimulation with Master soon.

The first part of the rope harness that Masterofslavej was putting me into.

I was also very impressed with Masterofslavej’s rope expertise.  I’ve done plenty of rope bondage shoots with photographers and riggers, whose lives are basically about putting girls in rope, and none of them had the skill Masterofslavej had.  He got me into the harness, and asked me a couple of times if it was too tight, if anything was going numb, etc.  Well, twice I had body parts start to get pins and needles-y, and he had me stop what I was doing, look at the ropes, say “Oh, this looks like it’s causing tension,” and fix it, while I was still wearing it.  This was very impressive to me, because all the riggers I’ve worked with in the past would just take the ropes off if I was going numb.  I’ve never had anyone be able to fix it while I was wearing it, so I could go about my bondage business.  I was very impressed, and I just think that’s awesome.

Master and me have never been truly monogamous, but this was the first couple we’ve played with to the point that we were giving each other orgasms, and playing with genitals.  I have to say, we had a lot of fun, and I’m very glad to note that neither me nor Master felt at all bad about the situation.  We have only good feelings, and I am hoping that I was a good enough girl.  I just don’t remember a ton of what happened that night, and I know that when I am in sub-space I have a tendency to forget to add “Sir” or “Master” to my responses, as well as having a hard time responding in general.  I hope I managed to respond enough and be polite.  Hopefully there will be more time to practise.

The night ended with a spectacular (probably 5-10 minutes long, the men couldn’t hold out TOO long after playing with us for six hours that night) oral sex finale for the men.  jenpet was with her Master, and me with mine.  I was so tired, but Master came all over me and some even got on my leg!  I couldn’t fit all his cum in my mouth, and when I tried to swallow, it squirted on my leg and tits.  <3  I guess that means he was happy.  Then I fell asleep on the ground, and Master kicked me a bit before sending me off to bed.  It was a wonderful evening.

The following morning, I was up very early, so I snuck into the bathroom and tried to be a quiet kitty while I took a quick tubbie.  I got my blue onesie on, and Master told me he though he had heard jenpet and her Master.  He went in the front room and they were awake.  We gave jenpet a bunch of orgasms from fingering, licking, and paddling her thighs, and then I had my turn.  I honestly could not tell you how many orgasms I had that morning.  Three?  Four?  It’s still a blur.  It felt soo good though.  Shortly after, our new friends had to depart, but we’re all eagerly looking forward to round 2.

While we were playing the night before, Masterofslavej kept asking me over and over:

“Do you feel lucky, Kitty?  Do you feel grateful?”

I had no idea how to make anyone in the room understand my gratitude, or how lucky I felt.  I felt like the luckiest girl in the world to have met such a great couple, whose style is so similar to our own.  I felt so grateful to Master, for us discovering polyamory.  I felt lucky and relieved that the people we were playing with were safe, sane, and very consensually minded.  Masterofslavej can be very sadistic (a trait I adore), but you can also tell that he is amazingly careful and methodical, and would never on purpose do anything to cause actual injury.  A trait that I admire in my own Master.  The fact that I was allowed snuggles, and orgasms, and to play with jenpet in so many wonderful ways? Being allowed to cum and have jenpet taste my juices as I do so?

Yes, I am a very very lucky, and very grateful kitty.  And, I know it.


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