Banana Flavored Sex

I’m hungry, and you are a banana.  Wait, you aren’t?  Well, you could be.  If you had some Banana Flavored (AFF) Kissable Bodypaint by Fun Factory.  This arrived very quickly in the mail in a discreet brown box, by the wonderful people over at Fascinations FunLove.

When your bodypaint arrives, it is in a lovely little box which is in the usual grey and tan Fun Factory style.  The paint itself comes in an easy to handle tube which reminds me of an icing tube (the kind of thing you’d decorate a cake with).  In order to apply, you just unscrew the cap and squeeze the tube, simple!

In actual use, I have mixed feelings on this body paint.  The flavor is pretty neutral to me, it doesn’t taste very banana like, or like anything at all in general to me.  A bit of sweetness, perhaps.  The scent of this stuff though is just divine!  It smells like freshly baked banana bread, a little nutty, and ooh so scrumptious!  In my picture above, I’ve got this spread on my hand in the thickness in which it comes out of the tube.  As a warning, if you spread it on this thickly, it is not going to dry.  Ever. 

If you want it to dry somewhat, you’ll have to spread it on more thinly, but it is going to leave a sticky residue behind.  Because of the sticky and somewhat messy nature of this body paint I don’t like to use it when I’m wearing lingerie.  It does not seem like it would be easy to clean off of fabrics.  Luckily though, this body paint cleans very easily off of skin.  It breaks down very easily with just water, but if your lover draws on you, you’re probably going to want to take a shower afterwards.   

One thing that’s important to note.  The box mentions that this body paint is kissable, and “not for regular consumption.”  I took this to mean that you can lick and taste it off your lover’s body but you should be careful in not just gobbling it out of the tube, or applying too much.  We never put too much on at a time, and still managed to have fun with it.  As I mentioned before, I like the smell much more than the taste, so I wasn’t personally tempted to go nuts eating it.

Due to the compact size of the tube, you could put this in your purse and no one will probably know what it is.  The tube almost looks like a big lip gloss tube.  You can also safely bring this on a plane as the tube is a 40ML tube (you can bring up to 100ML on a plane) so it would make for a discreet sex toy to travel with. 

I wish I had an ingredient list for you, but I could not find any written on the packaging or in on the insert in the box.  I recommend anyone with common allergies, or skin sensitivities either stay away entirely, or test a small patch of your skin before you try this.  This was a fun little item, but a bit sticky for my tastes.  I’m going to give it three paws for the awesome smell, vibrant color, and potential for all sorts of lickable fun.

Thank you so much, Fascinations Fun, for allowing us to try out this bodypaint in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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